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Lyrics & Song Info » Hitorigoto


Music: Yuki Kajiura
Lyrics: Yuki Kajiura
Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura
Vocals: FictionJunction (KEIKO, KAORI, WAKANA, YURIKO KAIDA) [as credited in FictionJunction elemental album booklet]
Guitar: Koichi Korenaga
Bass: Tomoharu “Jr” Takahashi (live vol.#11)
Drums: Kyoichi Sato (live vol.#11)
Piano: Masato Matsuda (original), Yuki Kajiura (live vol.#11)
Saxophone: Masato Honda (original)
Flute: Rie Akagi (live vol.#11)

FictionJunction – stone cold: Track 2, 4 (Instrumental)
FictionJunction – elemental: Track 3
Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#11 elemental Tour 2014 2014.4.20 @NHK Hall + Making of elemental Tour 2014: Track 11
「ひとりごと」 “Monologue”

Note: All members of FictionJunction are credited with vocals on this song according to the original booklet; therefore, there is technically no chorus, because the members themselves performed it.

Kanji Romaji English
shaberitai koto wo dare ka ga
kikitai to omottekureru kana
hitorigoto demo kamawanai kedo
I wonder if there’s someone who
wants to listen to my talk
Even if it’s a soliloquy, it doesn’t matter, but
I wish you could take it
kinou saita hana no koto
madobe de miteta yume no koto
kiite hoshikute
About the flowers that bloomed yesterday
About the dream I saw by the window
I wish that you’d listen
aishitai toki ni anata wa
aishitai to omottekureru kana
konna ni takusan no kokoro ni
ibasho wa aru kana
Do you want to love me
when I want to love you?
Is there a place for
so many feelings to be?
kaze ni magireteku
kotoba no yukusaki wo
futari no mirai he
todokerareru kana
The destination of the words
that slip into the wind,
Can it reach to
the future of the two of us?
konna shizukana yoru
negaigoto wo
anata ni dake
todoku you ni
hitorigoto no you ni
In such a quiet night
with shooting stars,
I’m murmuring
a wish
so it reaches
only you
like a soliloquy
shaberitai toki ni anata ga
watashi wo furimuitekureta nara
donna ni suteki na ongaku ga
kikoeru deshou
yume no you ni
If, when I want to talk to you
you turn your face towards me,
how wonderful would the music
that would be heard be?
like a dream…
aishitai toki ni anata wo
hontou ni daiji ni dekiru kana
suki to iu kimochi wo hitori de
I wonder if, when I want to love you,
I can truly take precious care of you
Don’t idle away your time alone
with the feeling that’s called love
futari no mirai wo
mitsukerareru kana
I wonder if I can discover
the future of the two of us
kaze ni fukarete kiete yuku
kotoba wa doko made todoku kana
hitorigoto demo kamawanai kedo
uketomete kuretara
Disappearing, blown away by the wind
I wonder how far those words can reach
Even if it’s a soliloquy, it doesn’t matter but
I wish you could take it

Kanji from
Romaji by keikochan
Translation by ninetales, corrected by Yuki_n

14 responses

  1. tracyalexia says:

    Finally,love this song!!!

  2. ritardando says:

    The kanji for last stanza is totally wrong.
    is not kaze ni fukarete kiete yuku etc. It’s same as 2 stanzas above, the “Aishitai toki no anata wo, etc.”
    This is the right kanji :

  3. ritardando says:

    And I kinda disagree about the credit for this song’s vocal. It written :
    Vocal : FictionJunction (Keiko, Kaori)
    Because Wakana is the one who sing the main melody in “Konna, shizukana yoru, nagareru boshi, etc…”
    And Yuriko sings the english part although the english lyrics does not included in the booklet. After all, in the booklet, it written : Vocal : Kaori, Keiko, Wakana, Yuriko Kaida
    so there’s no differentiation between all of them and none of them only placed as chorus. FictionJunction is different than Kalafina that uses Kaida as chorus, because Kaida is a part of FJ.
    The administrator for lyrics in this site is really uncompetent.

  4. Virgil says:

    but kaori and keiko get the main vocal and wakana sang “Konna, shizukana yoru, nagareru boshi, etc…”if you listen carefully you will hear yuriko’s voice in that part the only thing that i agree with you is in the booklet, it written : Vocal : Kaori, Keiko, Wakana, Yuriko Kaida
    so there’s no differentiation between all of them and none of them only placed as chorus. FictionJunction is different than Kalafina that uses Kaida as chorus, because Kaida is a part of FJ.

  5. ninetales says:

    I don’t think it’s incompetent to put Kaori and Keiko as main vocals in this song. It’s a matter of personal interpretation, that’s all. Whether or not Wakana singing a different part (which is mixed more into the background) and Yuriko singing the English parts qualifies them to be listed as main vocals here is up to one’s opinion.

    After all, Nohara is a Keiko song even though Kaori sings part of the chorus. Personally, I don’t think it should be relisted as a Keiko/Kaori song just because of that.

  6. ninetales says:

    NOTE: As an editor, I changed this page, and Stone Cold’s page, to reflect the official booket, which gives all members of FJ as the vocals, and doesn’t credit anyone with chorus. I think it works out better this way. If it’s not right, please correct it back again!

  7. Onin says:

    This song was as best as Stone Cold. I like this song a lot (although there are some corrections in the lyrics.) FictionJunction did a very wonderful song!

  8. ramyungrl says:

    Beautiful song~! I love how bluesy it is 😛 not typical Kajiura style
    But it wasn’t until I recently watched Fictionjunction’s Elemental Live (YK vol#11) that I was able to pick up the phrases sung in the bridge/some of Wakana and Yuriko Kaida’s background chants. Originally I thought they were Kajiurago lyrics but on upon closer listening, I think it’s a good chance that it’s English!! Here’s my interpretation:

    I? Bless my beating heart? <—this line is probably not right; hard to make out
    in my
    cold and beating heart
    somewhere and so far
    in your
    Cold and steady heart

    Anyone else hear something similar? ^_^

  9. EncryptoFeria says:

    @ramyungrl ah it is English, thanks for making me realizing it, btw, here’s what i think i hear “I test my feeling now
    In my cold and beating heart
    Dreaming somewhere so far
    In your cold and steady heart”

  10. EncryptoFeria says:

    Edit: “Address my feeling now” feels more suitable with the pronounciation and meaning

  11. pandora hearts says:

    when is the kanji for the final stanza of this song going to be updated?

  12. Kugayama says:

    I’ve corrected the kanji for the final stanza as @ritardando stated (checked against liner notes in elemental album also).

  13. Claire says:

    after “Yume no you ni”

    sounds like

    I guess I’m feeling now in my cold and beating heart
    dreaming somewhere else so far
    in you cold and steady heart
    far away

  14. Claire says:


    I think I test my feeling is right one

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