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Lyrics & Song Info » Cynical World


Music: Yuki Kajiura
Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura
Lyrics: Yuki Kajiura
Vocals: Emily Bindiger (Fiction), FictionJunction (live)
Drums: Kozo Suganuma (Fiction), Kyoichi Satou (live)
Bass: Mecken (Fiction), Tomoharu “Jr” Takahashi (live)
Guitar: Susumu Nishikawa (Fiction), Koichi Korenaga (live)
Uilleann pipes: Jerry O’Sullivan (Fiction)
Percussion: Ikuo Kakehashi (Fiction)

Yuki Kajiura – Fiction: Track 2
FictionJunction 2008-2010: The Best of Yuki Kajiura LIVE

Here we stand in ravishing rain
Joy is like pain
It feels like a miracle
You can’t turn back, you’re in chains
Never again
Return from a cynical world

If you feel you’ve loved me in vain
Why not re-live your guilty love affairs
In the warm breeze you will cry
Again and again
That’s fate for a criminal

Good intentions lost in thin air
You were craving for affection
And a certain invitation
Led you here to me in the cynical world

No one but me, in this cold place
I will love and serve you, criminal
That’s your final consolation
Now hang on to me, in the cynical world

Lyrics from Fiction booklet

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  1. Tsukiko says:

    These lyrics are so lovelyy.

  2. Jophian says:

    Truly brilliant, as always. One of my favorites.

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