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Lyrics & Song Info » A Stray Child


Music: Yuki Kajiura
Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura
Lyrics: Yuki Kajiura
Vocals: Emily Bindiger

.hack//SIGN insert song
.hack//SIGN OST 1: Track 14

If you are lost in your way
Deep in an awesome story
Don’t be in doubt and stray
Cling to your lonesome folly

Now you’re too close to the pain
Let all the rain go further
Come back and kiss me in vain
Mother oh do not bother

Hear the chorus of pain
Taking you back to proper ways
It’s so easy to find
If only you could remind me

Now you are lost in your way
Deep in an awesome story
So I will find you again
Kiss you for lonesome folly

Lyrics from .hack//SIGN OST I booklet

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  1. Kajiura Sama I love this song a lot:) Kajiura sama 🙂 hats off to you cause you are gifted with music by jesus:) you a heavenly musician 🙂 even heaven will come down to listen to your music:) most of your songs makes me cry with happiness and many more remembers me my past and cry harder 🙂 you totally caught my attention. .hack sigh music is amazingly ultimate. I listen to .hack sign-LABRYNTH and .hack sigh-OPEN YOUR HEART, AND ALSO IN THE LAND OF TWILIGHT AND ALSO OPEN YOUR HEART RESPIRE, ALong WITH Useless Chat music, Secret Project music, The World, i die for your music:) you gave life to the music:) atleast in my next life i’l try to be your friend:) happy friendship day Yuki Kajiura sama

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