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Lyrics & Song Info » A Shadow


Music: Yuki Kajiura
Lyrics: Yuki Kajiura
Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura
Vocals: Yuriko Kaida
A. guitar: Koichiro Tashiro
Flute: Rie Akagi

Pandora Hearts Original Soundtrack 2: Track 13


camita sora mia
ii sama dite doche
miketa amia
ideta asomarita

ii tento mia dora
ii sama vida doche
ii seta madora
iria ia dileto

camita sora mia
ii tento mia ria

Transliteration by Kowz

5 responses

  1. symbion25 says:

    Another song I tried to re-translate (sloppily, somehow…)

    ca mito sora mia
    i sa ma dite doca
    mi dereta a mi a
    i dereta a
    so ma li tal

    i tento mi adora
    i sa ma vide doca
    i sareta, adora
    i ria i de lito

    ca mito sora mia
    i tento mi la ria

    The meaning (sort of):

    myth about my sister
    i know but say goose*
    to me in my backside**
    to the backside
    but they know that

    i try adores me
    i know but saw goose
    i guarantee you, she loves
    the shore of the estuary***

    myth about my sister
    I try to the estuary

    *Goose as in simpleton or dolt…I think it means playing fool or ignorant. Or maybe, in Alice’s case, being forgotten or amnesiac
    ** I think “the backside” here refers to The Will of Abyss as Alice’s twin sister (two ‘mirroring’ sides in the same coin,I guess, IDK )
    ***I think “estuary” here refers to the parallel dimension, the real world and Abyss; or the border of the two dimensions, IDK

    Enjoy 😀

  2. murrue02 says:

    is this a random translation?

  3. Alice Scull says:

    Going off that person’s translation, I worked up something more specific to Englishy type cultures from it, without straying far from original, hopefully.

    A myth about my sister,…
    I know, but call them a fool –
    to me in my half,
    to that half,
    but she knows.

    I try to adore myself –
    I know, but I saw a fool.
    I guarantee you, she loves,
    to the shore of the estuary.

    A myth about my sister,
    I search for the estuary.

    I imagine ‘Estuary’ being a figurative synonym for ‘way to open waters’ – and referring to Abyss, as that dood says. I could probably work up something less strayed from original words and just work off working the grammar a bit to get a better result, but this was a quick rework of that deal I did so I could have a better idea for myself. Maybe some other of you kids’ll get that too.

  4. Elizabeth Ellips says:

    But kajiurago isnt translatable

  5. Elizabeth Ellips says:

    But kajiurago is supposed to be meaning less

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