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Lyrics & Song Info » A Farewell Song


Music: Yuki Kajiura
Lyrics: Yuki Kajiura
Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura
Vocal and Chorus: Yuri Kasahara (original), FictionJunction (live)
Bass: Tomoharu “Jr” Takahashi (original)
Violin: Hitoshi Konno (live)
A. guitar & mandolin: Masayoshi Furukawa (original)
Accordion & claviola: Yoshiaki Sato (original)
Piano: Yuki Kajiura (live)

Noir insert song
Noir OST 2: Track 17
FictionJunction 2008-2010 – The Best of Yuki Kajiura LIVE: CD 2, Track 16


the sun goes down in the twilight
now’s the time we sing along our goodbye
I hear your whisper in my dreams
from now, and on and on forever

so sing my love, one more time
we never see no second time

the sun goes down in the twilight
and now’s the time you kiss me
saying goodbye
but in the night I remember
the song you sang me all night long
the song of love
that shines me ever in the dark

Lyrics from Noir OST II booklet

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  1. คมกริช ปรุงนา says:

    I love this song It so touch me

  2. Fita says:

    just listened to this song in Remi’s version, wahh it is sooooo beautiful…

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