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Live Events » Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#16 ~Soundtrack Special~

June 6, 2021
Guest Vocals: Eri Itou
Maihama Amphitheater, Chiba, Japan
30 Songs

Music: Yuki Kajiura
Lyrics: Yuki Kajiura
Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura
Guest Vocals: Eri Itou
Chorus: Yuki Kajiura
Musicians: Yuki Kajiura (Piano) Koichi Korenaga (Guitar), Sato Kyoichi (Drums), Takahashi “Jr.” Tomoharu (Bass), Konno Hitoshi (Violin), Masaaki Nishikata (Cello), Takakei Okuizumi (Cello), Rie Akagi (Flute), Nakajima Obawo (Percussion), Sakurada Hirotaka (Keyboards), Yoshiaki Sato (Accordion), Naoki Nakahara (Uilleann Pipes), Yoshio Ohira (Manipulator)
《Special Guest》Painter: YORKE. (OLDCODEX / Rest of Childhood)


  1. Kimetsu no Yaiba movie instrumental “Mugen Train” Avant-Grade M01 / HOMURA
  2. Find Your Sword In This Land
  3. -MC#1-

  4. A peaceful landscape
  5. Have fun!
  6. Her name is Alice
  7. The legendary sword
  8. -MC#2-

  9. Together we are awesome
  10. The Blue Rose Sword Battle
  11. Sword Golem
  12. Deusolbert
  13. -MC#3-

  14. closing the case
  15. the matter is settled, anyway
  16. chasing the enigma
  17. starting the case: Rail Zeppelin
  18. prelude to Act 1
  19. numquam Vincar
  20. -MC#3-

  21. school girl life
  22. shall we dance
  23. tailing in darkness
  24. a fighter-girl from east
  25. operations in action
  26. -MC#4-

  27. in early spring
  28. shadows and fog
  29. battle of the shadows
  30. -MC#5-

  31. Elenore
  32. -Encore-

  33. Light of hope
  34. My story
  35. We’re gonna groove
  36. -MC#5-

  37. Red Rose
  38. -MC#6-

  39. El Cazador

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