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2015-2016 » FictionJunction Club Event: Talk + mini-mini LIVE


May 31, 2009
Kaori, Keiko, Wakana, Yuriko and Hikaru
Amlux Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
5 Songs

Music: Yuki Kajiura
Lyrics: Yuki Kajiura
Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura
Vocal: Yuriko Kaida, Kaori, Keiko, Wakana, Hikaru


  1. Kajiura & Yuriko Talk & LIVE (lullaby)
  2. Kajiura & KAORI Talk & LIVE (calling)
  3. Kajiura & KEIKO Talk & LIVE (Kaze no Machi e)
  4. Kajiura & WAKANA Talk & LIVE (Mizu no Akashi)
  5. Kajiura & HIKARU Talk & LIVE (Kalafina performs Gloria)

Note: In this event, after Yuki Kajiura greeted the audience, there was screening of the Parallel Hearts and storia PVs followed by a talking session, songs performance (methioned above), Off-shots & Video making screening, Q&A session, a presents giving, and a group photo.
There will be 2 similar events, one at 14:30 and one at 17:30, both with the same setlist.

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