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Discography » Vanitas no Karte「ヴァニタスの手記」Original Soundtrack

February 23, 2022
32 + 22 = 54 Tracks (2 Discs)
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Music: Yuki Kajiura
Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura
Lyrics: Yuki Kajiura
Vocals: Hanae Tomaru
Chorus: 東京混声合唱団 Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus (aka Tokyo Konsei)


Disc 1

  1. the legend of the blue eyes
  2. a symptom of something wrong
  3. Paris, the city of light
  4. a happy moment
  5. in the city of flowers
  6. the destiny waltz
  7. never let anyone steal your true name
  8. a curse-bearer
  9. inverse operation
  10. I was moved!
  11. I will save you without fail!
  12. I met him and he met me
  13. when we three were together
  14. I was amazed!
  15. a snake in the grass
  16. making a search
  17. another peaceful day
  18. a young noble
  19. the crimson gauntlet
  20. he met her and she met him
  21. Is this love?
  22. let’s go on a date!
  23. Paris, the city of darkness
  24. she sings
  25. look, here comes the parade
  26. at the ball
  27. she is a noble lady, my childhood friend
  28. a fang of the Queen
  29. a nobleman and his darkness
  30. the covenant of blood
  31. what my master said
  32. now our story begins
  33. Disc length

Disc 2

  1. I am Vanitas
  2. and who are you?
  3. there were calm days
  4. my lost friend
  5. trapped in the past
  6. le chasseur
  7. romantic battle
  8. a speech of a madman
  9. a young hunter
  10. the tale of the beast
  11. the ducal family
  12. the automatons
  13. she is our Queen
  14. the alteration device
  15. the sunlight and your solitude
  16. a faithful man
  17. we still can go together
  18. if the time comes I’ll kill you
  19. why did you kill our father?
  20. we can’t choose how we live
  21. if you want to save her
  22. the gears of destiny
  23. Disc length

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