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Discography » FictionJunction – Parallel Hearts


VTCL-35065 | April 29, 2009
Single (Pandora Hearts OP)
4 Tracks
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Music: Yuki Kajiura
Lyrics: Yuki Kajiura
Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura
Vocals: FictionJunction KAORI / KEIKO / WAKANA / YURIKO KAIDA (1), FJ YUUKA (2)
Guitar: Koichi Korenaga (1, 3), Masahiro Yuuki (2, 4)
Bass: Tomoharu “Jr” Takahashi (1-4)
Drums: Kyoichi Satou (1, 3), Masuke Nozaki (2, 4)
Violin: Hitoshi Konno (1, 3)


  1. Parallel Hearts
  2. Hitomi no Chikara
  3. Parallel Hearts ~Instrumental~
  4. Hitomi no Chikara ~Instrumental~

Liner Notes

As FictionJunction’s 1st single,
as well as the opening theme song of television animation “PandoraHearts,”
now, we have made “Parallel Hearts” for you.
the four singers, WAKANA, KAORI, KEIKO, YURIKO KAIDA sing it,
a song belongs to up-tempo type. Here I wish you may enjoy each one’s strong solo,
either the chorus with their voices mixed, together with this animation.

YUUKA’s “hitomi no chikara” will be the coupling work. Although it’s rather a song I composed long ago, I wanted YUUKA to sing it for a long time too. It will be an elegant ballad here.
Anyways, have fun with them, thus I’ll be happy too!

Yuki Kajiura

Original Text
Translated on Apr. 16, 2009 by Kiyoko

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