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Discography » .hack//EXTRA SOUNDTRACKS


VICL-60971 | October 23, 2002
23 tracks
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Music: Yuki Kajiura
Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura
Lyrics: Yuki Kajiura (2, 3, 5, 9, 15)
Vocals: Yuriko Kaida (2), Emily Bindiger (3, 5, 9, 15), Yuri Kasahara (15)
Keyboards and Programming: Yuki Kajiura
E. guitar: Susumu Nishikawa (17), Masahiro Inaba 「稲葉政裕」(2, 15)
A. guitar: Masayoshi Furukawa (15)
Percussion: Mataro Misawa (1, 23)
Violin: Hitoshi Konno (15), Hijiri Kuwano (23)
Viola: Haruko Yano (23)
Cello: Haruki Matsuba (23)
Strings: RUSH Strings


  1. obsession str. ver.
  2. warp
  3. fake wings bitter sweet ver.
  4. rain and storm
  5. aura evil ver.
  6. morgana
  7. deep despair
  8. suspense & mystery
  9. fake wings make decision ver.
  10. who am I?
  11. digital monsters
  12. aura awakening ver.
  13. morgana tolerance ver.
  14. distrust
  15. the world extra ver.
  16. attack07
  17. a bit of happiness
  18. bridge01
  19. bridge02
  20. bridge03
  21. bridge04
  22. bridge05
  23. bridge06

Liner notes

I finished recording the last BGM for the .hack series just the other day.
I was glad to be able to create so many songs for this interesting work.

Getting to talk about the music for the show, my feelings of excitement didn’t die out at all when I went to the very first meeting. It was my first step into the world whose story I still don’t know fully. While I went through the meeting, learning about the characters one by one, as well as the various settings and sceneries, I wondered “well, what sort of music shall I make?”, and there were moments when notes began dizzily swirling in my head. Although in that way I feel that I walked into the .hack world just the other day, I also think it’s gone very quickly. Now, when I try to finish, I feel regret even as I feel relief. For all that I should’ve made music to my heart’s content, I feel that my work wasn’t enough. I wanted to play in this world even more.

Well, speaking of being insufficient…my greatest regret was not wanting to do Sora’s theme, I think. When I tried to begin the story, in the blink of an eye, he got to the top of my list of favorite characters. But there wasn’t a theme for Sora from the beginning; furthermore, a banjo tune I had fun making, ordered as a “slightly short and droll tune”, became his theme before I knew it. It’s a story I cried secretly over, just here. I wanted to give him a really cool theme, too. I don’t know whether or not this story has any practical use.

This time, I tried recording different versions of each theme. I also did things like a string version of the theme song for this last part. I’ll be happy if you enjoy this while remembering various parts of the show.
Making different versions for this last part was great, but while I write this, I’m still not really looking at the end, to tell the truth. There’s a situation that’s postponed me being able to say “it was fun” to the staff. I wonder how the protagonist and other characters will end up. It’s scary and fun, but of course its coming to an end feels disappointing too. But with those feelings, I’ll wait for the day it airs.

Kajiura Yuki

translation by ninetales

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