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Discography » FictionJunction – Everlasting Songs


VTCL-60106 | February 25, 2009
15 Tracks
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Music: Yuki Kajiura
Lyrics: Yuki Kajiura
Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura (1-6, 8-15), Koichi Korenaga (7)
Chorus Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura (7)
Vocals: Yuuka Nanri (2, 10), Kaori Oda (1, 3-4, 8, 13, 14), Keiko Kubota (1, 4-5, 7, 12), Wakana Ootaki (4, 9), Asuka Kato (15), Yuriko Kaida (6, 11)
Chorus: Kaori Oda (2, 6-7, 11-12), Keiko Kubota (1, 2, 6, 11, 13), Wakana Ootaki (1, 6, 12-13), Yuriko Kaida (1-5, 8, 12-15), Yuki Kajiura (1-2, 7, 11, 14), Kaori Nishina (10)
Guitar: Koichi Korenaga (2-7, 10-13, 15)
A. guitar: Koichiro Tashiro (3), Masayoshi Furukawa (8, 10, 15), Susumu Nishikawa (12)
Bass: Tomoharu “Jr” Takahashi (3-4, 7, 10-13)
Drums: Masuke Nozaki (3), Kyoichi Satou (4, 7, 10-13)
Percussion: Ikuo Kakehashi (1), Tamao Fujii (8)
Piano: Nobuo Kurata (5, 9), Masato Matsuda (11, 13)
Strings: Hitoshi Konno Strings (1, 10-11), Kiyo Kido Strings (8), Konno Trio (8), Shinozaki Strings (15)
Flute: Takashi Asahi (8), Rie Akagi (11)
Violin: Kiyo Kido (5, 14)
Viola: Noriyo Obayashi (14)
Cello: Mami Horisawa (5), Tomoya Kikuchi (14)
Manipulator: Harumi Hiraishi (7)


  1. Hoshikuzu (self cover of Velvet no Inori – The Velveteen Rabbit)
  2. Kioku no Mori (Tsubasa Chronicle OAD: Shunraiki)
  3. dream scape (Tsubasa Chronicle)
  4. Gin no Hashi (Aquarian Age)
  5. Kaze no Machi he (Tsubasa Chronicle insert song)
  6. here we stand in the morning dew (Sayonara Solitia single c/w)
  7. synchronicity (Tsubasa TOKYO REVELATIONS)
  8. Hanamori no Oka (Hokuto no Ken: Toki Den)
  9. Mizu no Akashi (Gundam SEED)
  10. cazador del amor (El Cazador de la Bruja)
  11. Himitsu (Noir)
  12. Houseki (Le Portrait de Petit Cossette)
  13. Yume no Tsubasa (Tsubasa Chronicle)
  14. Michiyuki (LOVELESS)
  15. everlasting song (Elemental Gelade)

Liner Notes

Everlasting Songs Close to the Release

As the first album of FictionJunction, we made “Everlasting Songs.”

Together with many singers who really want to sing, mainly conducted by me, under such an egotistic name “FictionJunction,” firstly started from YUUKA-chan, we got more and more songs with different singers.
I have more and stronger feelings of that many songs have been included in many albums, and there’re also many sound resource that have not been on any albums, yet they were made under the name of “FictionJunction.”

In addition to this, this time, in the form of self-cover, new FJ repertoires increased. Although taking out some old songs is a little shamed, if I don’t I’ll never work on them again; I was also surprised by re-discovering of myself. I wondered if I’m changing since I’ve got such thinking…… I’m very happy that I could keep something that I could only do, as well as some songs that I could only write at that time.
Fortunately, I continued to go on with music—such feeling keenly filled into the album.
I wish you may enjoy my music, singers’ beautiful voices, the current FJ, and the future FJ. That is what I only pray for.

Yuki Kajiura


01. “hoshikuzu / stardust”
A song wrote for Noriko Ogawa, from the reading CD “The Velvet Rabbit.” The original title was “Velvet’s praying.” Coupled with Ogawa-san’s excellent reading, I enjoyed the composing for the healing work, “The Velvet Rabbit” For me, I very like this theme song; I suggested this song as one candidate. I changed the lyrics, thus this is the FJ version.

02. “kioku no mori / forest of memory”
This is the ending theme song of “Tsubasa.Chronicle Shunraiki,” and it’s also a new song by YUUKA. I expressed something like fear, trembling, and sprint here to fit the atmosphere of the original animation. I’ve composed for Tsubasa for a long time. I’ll still be happy to write new songs for it, and I’m glad to meet the world of Tsubasa again.

03. “dream scape”
I wrote this song as an insert song of Tsubasa. During the composing, I came to think “Ah, really I love this song.” (laugh). I still keep the happy memory of recoding and KAORI-chan’s voice that was very fit this song. This is a song for all insistent people: though for others, something may be nowhere, for them, “that’s just too dark to see them.” Yet I like people who are insistent.

04. “gin no hashi / silver bridge”
For me, this is a very old song. Even the lyrics is so naive (laugh). The melody is so straight, also including some early shame, I’m afraid I can not compose such songs at all now. Yet that makes me nostalgic. Because I wanted to perform this song on my live so much, I recorded this song in a simpler way that is similar to the live version.

05. “kaze no machi e / toward the road of wind”
An insert song of “Tsubasa.chronicle” by KEIKO-chan. This song gives me such a feeling: an older-sister-like character is singing with a bit of husky tone and loneliness… on this point, if I was not ordered a song with such image, I would never write this one. And without this song, maybe I would meet KEIKO-chan a long time later. This is a song includes my appreciation of meeting Tsubasa. For me, I especially like the middle part of the sudden spreading between KEIKO-chan’s song and the chorus.

06. “here we stand in the morning dew”
I wrote the song for Saeko Chiba. Commonly, I spend a lot of time to write music, but in case of this song, from the melody to the lyrics, I did in a surprising speed, as if the song had been composed somewhere, and thus I just needed to say “here, come here” to call it out. The think of that either the melody or the lyrics, no one may be changed. Like this, many different ideas in my mind finally went into one destination. I’m very happy to re-record this song this time.

07. “synchronicity”
This is also a song wrote of “Tsubasa.Chronicle” for Yui Makino. This time, I asked the Guitar, Kouichi Korenaga, and thus this song became rather harder. That’s cool! Like a music lover in 80’s. Makino-san sang it with a dream-like and sorrowful tone, but turned to KEIKO-chan, she performed it with more strength and fear, as if she’s singing another song. Yet the chorus of intermezzo turned a bit more fearful. Here, because of Korenaga-san’s request, Kajiura sang this part (laugh).

08. “hanamori no oka / a flower-blessed hill”
I wrote this song as the ending theme of “Hokuto no ken, Toki no shou”. KAORI-chan’s voice perfectly matched the sadness of the song, and I love this one very much. Since it’s a song originally I wrote for an animation, I would also not write it if I didn’t touch the original work.
I like to write music only inspired by myself. Yet like that, I write something for another work, discover something new through the composing, and meet kinds of works, is also fortunate for me.

09. “mizu no akashi / proof of water”
This song was written as an insert song of “GANDOM SEED.”
Since the original version was played during the animation, and it was needed to be a link of development and conclusion, I used only a few kinds of sounds; I thought it’s enough with only piano and cello. However, this time, it became simpler: we just recorded this song together with WAKANA-chan, piano and cello. Maybe this song is very fit for her stretching voice.

10. “cazador del amor”
Originally, this song is the special song for “EL CAZADOR,” I used some instant self-made language as the lyrics. The staff thought YUUKA-chan’s self-made language version was very good, and they surged out for why not to modify the song and thus get a Japanese version; that’s how the song was born. Anyhow, this song firstly was a battle song, and thus to do it is a bit scratchy and nasty (laugh). But maybe that’s interesting to make something nasty into a song.

11. “himitsu / secret”
Firstly, this is an English song named “secret game” of “NOIR.” The Japanese version was sung by Aya Hisakawa, on CD “blank dans noir.” This time, we re-arranged it.
I couldn’t stop asking Kaida-san to sing it. Including the chorus, this song turned to be a Kaida-san-only song. I love the rhythm, the band, as well as Akagi-san’s flute solo. That was very happy.

12. “houseki / jewel”
I wrote it as the ending theme song of “Kozetto no shouzou,” that was sung by Marina Inoue. Since I like the matching of arrange and melody, this time, I almost didn’t change them, and just re-recorded with the band and the string. I asked Tony-san to do the mix. Maybe you can feel some new image of the sound.

13. “yume no Tsubasa / wings of dream”
The very original version was in English, as one insert song of “Tsubasa.Chronicle.” Then, with the title “yume no Tsubasa,” Yui Makino sang the Japanese version. Since you may have been familiar with the live version, we re-recorded it with the similar sound and tempo. Like on the live, the four singers sang it together.

14. “michiyuki / traveling”
This is the ending theme song of “loveless.”
The original version was sung by Kaori Hikita. And as Masayuki Sakamoto’s request I did and like the arrangement; I’ve also confused how to cover the song with such a high quality (laugh). But also I very like KAORI’s version, and I thought I must include this song here. This re-arranged version seems simpler, and focuses more on the sadness.

15. “everlasting song”
The Japanese version of an English song as an insert song of “Erementar Gerad.”
Either the English or the Japanese version, I only passed the melody and lyrics to the vocalist, ASUKA KATOU, and I just let her to sing and record as what she likes. It’s very pleasure to listen to Katou-san’s bright and beautiful tone. Maybe this song is so far the freest song among all my works (laugh), I like it very much.

Original Text
Translated on Feb. 28, 2009, by Kiyoko

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