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Discography » See-Saw – Dream Field


VICL-61069 | February 21, 2003
13 tracks
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Music: Yuki Kajiura
Arrangements: Yuki Kajiura
Lyrics: Yuki Kajiura (1-3, 6, 9-10, 12-13), Chiaki Ishikawa (written as 石川 千亜紀) (4-5, 7-8, 11)
Vocals: Chiaki Ishikawa
Keyboards and Programming: Yuki Kajiura
Drums: Kyoichi Satou (1-2, 4), Hideo Yamaki (6), Hideo Ishikawa (12)
Bass: Tomoharu “Jr” Takahashi (1-2, 4, 13), Vagabond Suzuki (3), Mecken (6), Tomohito Aoki (12)
E. guitar: Koichi Korenaga (1, 4-5, 8), Susumu Nishikawa (1-2, 6, 9, 12), Hiroshi Furukawa (10), Takahiro Koike (13)
A. guitar: Hiroshi Imaizumi (3), Masayoshi Furukawa (7), Koichiro Tashiro (10), Susumu Nishikawa (12)
Violin: Hitoshi Konno (2-3, 5-6), Hijiri Kuwano (10, 12)
Viola: Hirohito Furukawara (3), Rika Ryoukado (10), Haruko Yano (12)
Cello: Masayo Furukawara (3), Yoko Ara (6), Haruki Matsuba (10, 12)
Piano: Masato Matsuda (6, 12), Yuki Kajiura (11, 13)
Percussion: Mataro Misawa (3, 9, 12), Ikuo Kakehashi (10)
Flute: Rie Akagi (3, 12)
Oboe: Masakazu Ishibashi (8)


  1. Kimi ga Ita Monogatari ~ Dream Field Mix
  2. Tasogare no Umi
  3. LOVE
  4. Emerald Green
  5. Anna ni Issho Datta no ni
  6. Senya Ichiya
  7. Tsuki Hitotsu
  8. Natsu no Tegami
  9. Obsession
  10. Kioku
  11. Jumping Fish
  12. Yasashii Yoake
  13. indio

Liner Notes

01. kimi ga ita monogatari / 君がいた物語~Dream Field MIX

Chiaki: I always sing this phrase “kegareta mizu no ue, dakara tsuki no kage ga kireide” with more care. It’s like kind of words of salvation. It reminds me the white lilies which float on the swamp in the botanical garden. It’s so beautiful; a tiny truth in the uncertain love. Yet it’s a kind of explanation in my own style…

Yuki: I got impressed by sounds on the live; I did the remix with adding the grand suit of raw Dr, Bass, and guitar into the singer version. That’s a song I made with the thinking of only a voice that full of energy can sing it, with some melodies in 80′ Jpop-rock style.

02. tasogare no umi / 黄昏の海

Chiaki: I’m afraid I have to sing it with so much energy that I would not have the power to sing more after singing it! Yet this song was included in the first part of the live (sweat). Sing this song is so dynamic, it’s needed to flare the atmosphere on the live sure enough.

Yuki: is it called an ethnic ballad (enka) too? I did add some traditional elements into the song. Even though I don’t pay attention to find them they find the way to me by their own. It’s a song I made with much interesting and belongs to power vocal kind.

03. LOVE

Chiaki: this is very adult-like song. “senakani koyubi ga kireini hamarukara…” I think this phrase is a little like the point. What kind of love (?) Miss Kajiura will have? Although I’ve known her for such a long time, I don’t know it yet.

Yuki: when I made this song, I thought “maybe I don’t need to write any more love songs after it in future 3 years.” It’s a song I think I’ve written all my words in. Thus for the title, I just used “LOVE” simply.

04. Emerald Green

Chiaki: I like to play alone since when I was a kid. Collecting leaves or stones, I forgot the elapsing of time during my daydreams; I wrote the lyrics with such memories. I think you all have similar daydream times.

Yuki: “is it mild…?” “umm, it’s mild…” we heard like that comments from the members during the recording; it’s such a mild song. We were happy to do this song, since we’ve not done such types for a while. I also paid more attentions to the simply for the melody and chorus.

05. annani isshoni dattanoni / あんなに一緒だったのに

Chiaki: I started to write the lyrics from only the burst-out phrase of “annani isshoni dattanoni.” To talk about the real relationship from hearts, it’s not the issue of span of time… and I wrote it while thinking about it.

Yuki: it’s a melody for a sad drama… maybe it’s the only song I got trouble during the arrangement… I added violin at the final last time, ahhhh, then I got satisfied.

06. senyaichiya / 千夜一夜

Chiaki: I love this song very much. Is the main character of the song in a cafe? Anyways, staying there without moving, it’s like a singing-desires-in-one’s-mind song. The tension is continuing until the last time. Because I love it, I was so happy during its re-singing. Let me keep it secret.

Yuki: it’s a song I made for See-Saw. I think if there was no a group named “See-Saw,” then there would no this song definitely. I can feel the “real taste of See-Saw” in this song. Yet I made its arrangement in almost just a short moment.

07. tsuki hitotsu / 月ひとつ

Chiaki: mention to the moon, in this song, can you get the feel of that people look upward their night skies and get surprised “ah, the moon is there!?” That’s the moon that follows, stays beside and brights people all the time. I wish you can feel some kinds of “links” from the “one moon (tsuki hitotsu).”

Yuki: seems very silent but in fact it’s full of power. It’s a See-Saw-like ballad. I like the feeling of coldness in the last.

08. natsu no tegami / 夏の手紙

Chiaki: in the summer evening, there was sound of cicadas… anyways, anyways, sounds in the song are expending. I can say nothing more here… please enjoy it intentionally.

Yuki: is it a long song that can be included only in albums? For me, I very like Chiaki’s lyrics. I think I’ve made the arrangement and mix matched with the rhythmic, expending vocal.

09. Obsession

Chiaki: in case of my singing, it became a kind of Asia-like (?) English. It’s a little amazing. However, this is a song I get the melody through only one time. Miss Kajiura, an important person.

Yuki: though I hardly consider on See-Saw’s English songs, I got my idea to turn this song in English soon after I made the melody… It’s a happy song that its melody plays simple random background sounds.

10. kioku / 記憶

Chiaki: although it has a unique world, but I can go into the world smoothly without any discomfort. It’s also a song makes me think “ah- I’m one member of See-Saw.”

Yuki: I’ve ever wanted to try some Arab image with cutting across strings. It’s kind of like a transformer in case of the 90sec ver, I forced to slow down the tempo of the album version. It’s a song I can get flamed (laugh), and I like it.

11. Jumping Fish

Chiaki: while yelling “sing with only piano!” we recorded it. Including the rehearsal, we did for about 3 times. I wish you can feel we two’s breath.

Yuki: it’s surprising that there’re so many See-Saw songs have only vocal and piano; this song belongs to the kind too. Comparing to say it’s a piano ballad, I think it’s more like a “Lied.” It’s so happy to compose it.

12. yasashii yoake / 優しい夜明け

Chiaki: aah, it’s really a nice song. If you tell me you like this song, I can do 10 more years in See-Saw. The more times I sing it, the more I get to be like stoic by the world of lyrics, and the moving of sounds.

Yuki: at the time to re-start See-Saw’s events after a short interval, I thought “firstly we should start from here.” It’s also a song that full of the “real taste of See-Saw” for me definitely. I think Chiaki’s voice got a perfect match to the strings, and thus I asked her to “play” as much freely as possible in such parts.

13. indio

Chiaki: one of my friends who is also a musician said to me when I sang this song, “don’t you think this song fits Chiaki the best?” Actually, in the world of this song, some parts get overlapped with my young time memories. It’s really a nice expression to say “the song fits me.”

Yuki: I’m always asked what’s the meaning of “indio.” I didn’t imagine any of real lands in the world, (it’s also not a name of a clothing shop). Like Atlantis or the lost continent Mu, anywhere like them, it’s a homeland-like, fantastic image that only comes from heart. I composed it with the thought of drawing with singing and arrangement.

Original: Dream Field Liner Notes by See-Saw
translated on April 25, 2009, by Kiyoko

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