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Discography » Aquarian Age ~ Sign for Evolution ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK


VICL-60840 | February 21, 2002
23 tracks
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Music: Yuki Kajiura (1-22), Kazuhiro Hara (23)
Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura (1-22), Kazuhiro Hara (23)
Lyrics: Yuki Kajiura (1, 2, 7, 11, 20), Lee Hee-seung (23)
Vocals: Kaori Nishina (1, 2, 7, 11, 20), SeYUN (23)


  1. Awake
  2. Zodiacal Sign
  3. Just You
  4. Warning Omen
  5. Arayashiki
  6. Deformation
  7. WIZ-DOM
  8. Dimly Crisis
  9. Tears
  10. Evolutional Girls Organization
  11. Conflict for Break
  12. Sight-Read
  13. Newday’s News
  14. Hard Struggle
  15. Kyota
  16. Sweetest Smile
  17. Fellow Feeling
  18. Eraser
  19. Sounding Board
  20. Darklore
  21. Irritation Silence
  22. Transmigration of The Age
  23. Unseen Ties ~ Everlasting Love

Liner Notes

Yuki Kajiura’s liner notes from the Aquarian Age OST. This is the translated version found on Geneon’s release.

Create a world of reality showing Kyota’s personal relationship and the band’s music. Then create a second foreign world’s Weltanschauung for Aquarian Age. This was the first request for the making of the Aquarian Age BGM. The music had to show a clear difference between these two worlds.The making of the Aquarian world doubled my enjoyment because I could outwardly express my personal preference with mysterious sounds while reminiscing about my amateur days.

However, the amateur band that I belonged to did not have as smooth of a debut as the band in the show (smile). When I read the script to explore their ups and downs, it certainly brought back memories. I even imagined them joyously performing in their band while I was writing the music. The real world music is based on Kyota’s melody as its main motif. Mayuko’s melody also appears in several locations.

I wrote the music for this foreign world by imaging water since the word “aqua” basically means water. I suppose the main motif for this foreign world’s music is based on the song melody, “11. CONFLICT FOR BREAK.” Although I used so many vocals, none of the lyrics have any meaning. I conveniently acknowledge them as the Aquarian’s language(?). I transcribed the lyrics in katakana and in the Romal alphabet for the singer, but since I made slight differences between repeated phrases, I’m sure it must have been quite difficult for the singer. I normally sing the first draft of my songs in an enigmatic foreign language, so making up the Aquarian language was a fun, painless process. However, I am a little afraid that the collection of words might mean “a fool, an idiot, and a bonehead” in Russian…

Kyota plays while getting tossed about between his reality and the foreign world that make him unsettled. As I started to work on the creation of the sounds, I hoped to express Kyota’s struggles and the allure of the two worlds through my music. I sincerely hope my music might assist you all to enjoy the film more.

Yuki Kajiura

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