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FictionJunction to perform at AnimeMagic 2023 !


The FictionJunctionstation website has updated with the news that Yuki Kajiura/ FictionJunction will attend and perform at this year’s AnimeMagic 2023 an anime convention to be held in Mannheim, Germany!

AnimagiC is one of the largest anime conventions in Europe, offering a variety of programs for Japanese pop culture fans, since 1999. Yuki Kajiura had previously performed there in 2003, and Kalafina in 2012!

[Event Summary]
Event name: AnimagiC 2023
Dates: Friday, August 4 – Sunday, August 6, 2023
Venue: Mannheim, Germany

For details, please visit the official website.

Meanwhile, over at the AnimeMagic 2023 announcement for the event, they also menthion that FictionJunction will do a (still un-announced) Asia Tour in November!

thanks to Hoseki and Michelle for the news!

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