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Kazeyo arashiyo trailer & YK vol#17 Live viewing in Taiwan and Hong Kong!

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On August 25 was announced that the final performance of the Yuki Kajiura Live vol#17 tour Parade on August 12, will be screened on certain venues in Taiwan (1) and Hong Kong (1, 2)!

[Oversea] Live Viewing of “Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.# 17~PARADE~” held at Nakano Sun-plaza Hall in Tokyo on August 12″ will be screened in Taiwan.
Date:October 30, 2022 (Sun.)
Venue:Zepp New Taipei

Hong Kong
Date:October 30, 2022 (Sun.)
Venue 1: MCL Cinemas Plus+ 荷里活 starting: 13:30
Venue 2: Festival Grand Cinema starting: 16:45
ticket price:HK$180
Tickets will be on sale at 12:00 pm on September 9 (star date) at MCL website, handheld devices and theaters.

In other news the Kazeyo Arashiyo TV drama that Y.Kajiura composed for has finally started to air on japanese TV and the first trailers (1, 2) (and episode if you know where to look) are out!

Thanks to Azokad, Nightmare, Justisamuel, thiagofern for the news!

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