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Vanitas OST Samples video with tracklist is out!


Aniplex has uploaded on its Youtube Channel, a samples/tracklist video for Case Study of Vanitas / Vanitas no Karte / Les Memoires de Vanitas OST that comes out on February 23, 2022 with 54 tracks in total, on 2 Discs! Do remember that this soundtrack also covers the currently airing 2nd cour of the anime series.

Vanitas no Karte 「ヴァニタスの手記」 Original Soundtrack
February 23, 2022
32 + 22 = 54 Tracks (2 Discs)
[Preorder from CDJapan]

thanks to Nightmare for the news!

By the way, the tracklist of the DEEMO Movie soundtrack is also out, but so far confirming only “inside a dream” and “nocturne instrumental” to be by Y.Kajiura, however, there is a rumor that she also handled all the non-game BGMs, but remains to be seen if its like that or not 🙂

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