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DEEMO: New PV with “nocturne” sample & Hinano releasing her first EP

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PonyCanyon today published a new PV for the DEEMO movie on Youtube, that includes sample of the theme song nocturne written by Yuki Kajiura and sang by the audition winner Hinano Takashima. (sample is between 0:24- 0:37 on the video below)

Hinano (her actual artist name) will release (1, 2, 3) her first EP, titled nocturne and containing apart from the new song, 7 other DEEMO-related songs performed by her. The EP will be released on February 23, 2022, 2 days before the DEEMO movie premiers on Japanese theaters (February 25, 2022).

Hinano – nocturne
PCCA-06115 | February 23, 2022
EP (DEEMO Movie theme)
8 Tracks

thanks to Nightmare for the news!

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