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Yuki Kajiura to compose for the TV anime “The Case Study of Vanitas” !

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Yuki Kajiura today has announced that she will be composing the music for the TV anime The Case Study of Vanitas, adapted from a manga of the creator of Pandora Hearts, Jun Mochizuki.

The anime is produced by animation studio BONES, with Tomoyuki Itamura (Nisemonogatari, Owarimonogatari, Tsukimonogatari) as director, Yoshiyuki Ito as the character designer and chief animation director, Kazuhiro Wakabayashi as sound director.

Rumors revolving around The Book of Vanitas, a clockwork grimoire of dubious reputation, draw Noé, a young vampire in search of a friend’s salvation, to Paris. What awaits him in the City of Flowers, however, is not long hours treading the pavement or rifling through dusty bookshops in search of the tome. Instead, his quarry comes to him…in the arms of a man claiming to be a vampire doctor! Thrust into a conflict that threatens the peace between humans and vampires, will Noé cast in his lot with the curious and slightly unbalanced Vanitas and his quest to save vampirekind?

The anime will begin airing on japanese TV channels on July 3 (Saturday), 2021! Below you can see the PV:

Thanks to nightmare for the news (with some info from ANN)

6 responses

  1. TRal55 says:

    As far as I know, this is the first time Yuki will compose for an anime that takes place in Paris since Noir! Obviously the soundtrack will mostly depend on what the director wants, but I’m really hoping to hear some of accordion and acoustic guitar like from the Noir soundtracks mmmm

  2. George1234 says:

    Thats true 🙂😊 pretty sure this is going to happen since there was actually some accordion in the pv music if you listen carefully and we saw what she did for the London based princess principal and el melloi. However noir was in many countries, paris was only the place where the main villains were.

  3. Luffina says:

    PV looks pretty neat. Can’t wait to see anime!
    By the way, I think that composition from this video is similar to “Symposium Magarum” from “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”.

  4. George1234 says:

    I thought the same when i heard it thats why i was disappointed.

  5. Eleonora says:

    this music is beautiful! Will these works be published here? I really want to listen to this wonderful music not only in the background.

  6. george1234 says:

    Yes anime are always getting soundtrack releases in Japan. This is probably going to get it bundled inside some of the Blu-rays like usually. Expect it to be out around December or January.

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