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Νew Lisa song composed by Y.Kajiura & FJS Radio & Yuki Kajiura (Studio) Live Vol. 1 Reprise

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The Kimetsu no Yaiba website has announced a new song by LiSa composed and arranged by Y.Kajiura and with lyrics by her and LiSA. The song will be titled 「炎」 Homura (Flame) and will be the theme for the upcoming Kimetsu no Yaiba movie Mugen Train.

In other news, Yuki Kajiura has announced a live, live-streamed from studio, titled “Yuki Kajiura (Studio) Live Vol. 1 Reprise” where she will perform with the current band members the setlist of YK Live vol#1!  The live will take place on on September 18, 2020.

Moreover, a radio broadcast has been announced called “FJS Radio”. Each radio show will have 1 of the 4 FJ regular members, first one has boradcasted on August 8.

Btw, in a few days comes out a new single by Aimer, containing all 3 Heaven’s Feel songs as well as a rearrangement of Haru wa Yuku.

AIMER – Hana no Uta/I beg you/Haru wa Yuku
SECL-2610~1 [Limited Edition]
Aug 19, 2020
5 Tracks + 5 Tracks (2 Discs)
[Preorder from CDJapan]

5 responses

  1. FxMacCobra says:

    The name of the song is “Homura” and not “Honô”. It was specify in the tweet sent by LiSA ( As I wondered why the use of that pronunciation, I did some research. I wrote a little thread (in french) on my Twitter account to give a possible explanation of that choice :
    As you can read on that tweet, the title “Homura” will be released in october. It will be available both in Single and in a bundle with the future new album of LiSA.

  2. Justisamuel says:

    The song is titled Homura, not Honnoh. It’s the same kanji and has mostly the same meaning, but it’s another old reading. People don’t use it much today (sometimes it stands for a name) and it seems closer to a burning feeling rather than an object.

  3. george1234 says:

    lol thanks. That explains the Homura name from PMMM too.

  4. Justisamuel says:

    Ah, hadn’t seen the first comment. Here we are ^^

  5. InUx says:

    Esto es hermoso, ver cantar a LiSA de nuevo una canción de Yuki-sama ^w^

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