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DEEMO: Pony Canyon and YK to hold Audition for Theme song’s singer


The DEEMO movie website has updated with an audition announcement for the selection of singer for Deemo’s Theme song, titled “Inside a dream”, composed by Yuki Kajiura. There’s a sample version that’s sang by Joelle (click on the yellow button below the microphone one to download it) .

In the audition will be present as Judges Yuki Kajiura, Yasuhiro Mori (the film’s music producer), and Pony Canyon’s producers, and public fan vote will be also considered.

The audition will be open and international. It does require however for the winner to base her activities in Japan’s music industry.

The winner of the audition will be announced on July 2020 at ANIME EXPO in L.A.

Read all the details in the english language page here

Thank to Kugayama and Kowz for the news!

2 responses

  1. Hayden K. says:

    So unfortunate that it’s for women only . . .


  2. FJS says:

    I agree. I absolutely adore kajiurago so much I’m always singing it along, more so than the actual Japanese lyrics. But it has to be a woman singing 🙁

    Good luck to everyone who joins!

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