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“Princess Principal THE LIVE” will be released on BD and Live CD!


Few days ago was announced that “Princess Principal THE LIVE” featuring Yuki Kajiura‘s and Ryo Takanashi’s bands, will be released in Blu-ray and Live CD! What’s weird is that they re selling something thats yet to be recorded ^^; – the event takes place today and tomorrow, namely, October 19 and 20, 2019 at Maihama Amphitheater.

Title: “Princess Principal THE LIVE Yuki Kajiura x Void_Chords” Blu-ray
Release date: March 27, 2020
Price:  ¥ 7,000 (excluding tax)
Product Code: BCXE-1502
Main show approx. 120 minutes + Bonus approx. 20 minutes / Linear PCM (stereo) / AVC / BD50G / 16: 9 <1080p High Definition>
・ Making video
・ Yuki Kajiura x Void_Chords Special Interview Book (8P)
・ Sequel character design ・ Overall Director: Illustrated jacket drawn by Kimio Nishio

Title: “Princess Principal THE LIVE Yuki Kajiura x Void_Chords” LIVE CD
Release date: March 27, 2020
Price: CD \ 3,500 (excluding tax)
Product Code: LACA-9696 ~ 7
Number of discs: 2

Certain benefits are announced for those who buy both BD and Live CD at the same time during the event, or on online at the bandai-namco web store before 23:59 of Oct 21 (Japan time). The web store do accept international credit card, all you need is a proxy service Japan address and register a Bandai ID.

Those who buy both BD and Live CD at the same time, will be given original colored paper with a duplicate signature of Yuki Kajiura and Ryo Takanashi. Also posters will be given too to those who purchase from A-on STORE
For those who shop from amazon will be given mini posters.

■ Animate: Postcard
■ Mini Poster (27.5 × 19.5cm scheduled)
■ Gamers: 2L size bromide
■ Sofmap: Acrylic Keychain

More details here

thanks to elcazador, and smiley!

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