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Official Kalafina disbandment announced by Spacecraft

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Spacecraft announced today what was more or less expected already as 2 of the 3 members and the composer left the group and the remaining one went on solo career. Kalafina is disbanding as of today March 13, 2019. In the announcement they said they examined all the possibilities for the group such as reopening but it didnt work out, and apologize to the fans who supported and hoped until now. (thank to tsubasa for the news)




If you wish to read about Kalafina’s history, you can go to our dedicated page here.

If you wish to follow Hikaru and Wakana you can check their twitter. Keiko doesnt have one yet.

Wakana solo website, Wakana’s solo career staff twitter

Hikaru twitter 

UPDATE 14/3/2019: Keiko, Hikaru, and Yuki Kajiura have published a message via

In it Keiko and Hikaru say thank you and appologise, an say how they’re happy they were able to meet their fans, singing songs that Miss Kajiura wrote for 10 years, and how they decided to stop walking the path of creating a music together as 3 and decided to walk on their own path of music and they hope their fans could support the path that they’ve chosen.

Y.Kajiura states how was actually surprised when she learned the news of Kalafina disbandment, not halted/hiatus. However she noted that they’ve been together for quite a long time, and that still remembers vividly the day she gave the “Kalafina” name to the group, and how it’s also been quite long since they have any group activity, and that she was really sorry towards the Kalafina fans.
(thanks to ritardando for the summary)

In other news its been announced that Harmony fanclub activities will migrate to Wakana Fan Club.

12 responses

  1. Thorn-Mage says:

    This statement makes it official, but only states what we already knew. The Farewell concert at Budokan was an amazing capstone to 10 years of amazing music. All the best to the ladies as they move forward; I intend to give their stuff a go, but I’ve never lost sight of the fact that I listened to Kalafina because it was Kajiura-sensei’s project. She has made great fiction with artists before, and will probably do so again. But no denying it–for me, Kalafina had a certain something that transcended J-pop. A vocal power trio, a super-group. So Kalafina, Thank You For The Music!

  2. Nay says:

    This is so saddening 🙁 I hoped by some miracle they’d get together with Kajiura and continue to make music, but I knew this was coming
    They’ll always be my favorite band<3333

  3. Hanneko says:

    Am I the only one who’s HAPPY that Kalafina disbands? I was Kajiura’s fan for ages. I worshiped her through See-Saw age and FictionJunction age. But then she formed Kalafina, and it was horrible! Her songs have become more complex too, and those girls simply weren’t good enough to pull them out. I really hope Kajiura works more with Chiaki, Yuuka or some of Revo’s girls. Revo is really good at casting singers. When Aramary left Sound Horizon, he started casting girls that are good at singing LIVE (except for Kuribayashi Minami, who is all around mediocre, just like Kalafina).

  4. Atlas Star says:

    Hanneko I wish I could post a direct response to your comment because on some level I completely agree with you! The disbandment was a MUST for all members of the party to grow. It became this huge corporate conglomerate that was really just there to 1. Keep fans happy and 2. Make money.

  5. george1234 says:

    You both forget that prior Kalafina she did no live performances released on DVD at all, so all we were hearing was the studio magic Studio Recordings, and not the actual capabilities on DVD or bootlet, so this greatly affected our opinion of the Kalafina girls. Then you will say that Yuuka and Chiaki sing well live too, but maybe we were biased by Kalafina’s faulty performances live to judge their songs too ?

  6. Trunqs says:

    wow I think exactly the opposite of Hanneko. I love Kalafina’s songs as well the lives.
    Chiaki and Yuuka have solo careers and they are great on that

    PS: Aramary will always be my fav <3

  7. Laurant says:

    But Hanneko – Keiko and Wakana are part of FictionJunction – and Yuki kajiura herself believes that Wakana Keiko and Hikaru were amazing singers.

  8. Thorn-Mage says:

    Thank You, Laurant, for your astute observation: Kajiura-sensei has a proven track-record of surrounding herself with talented artists, and the ladies that made up Kalafina were no exception. Now that Ive heard the bulk of their catalog–studio albums and singles; the ‘All Time Best’ collection helped adding perspective–I do get where some of the criticism comes in, how there was a stretch where the hit singles were nearly identical, or re-treads around 2014. But I also saw an uptick from the single ‘Maarchen’ till the end. I loved Kalafina’s ‘deep tracks’ as much,if not more, than some of the hits. Kajiura-sensei has a spot in her heart for pop music,don’t ever doubt it, and Kalafina was a great outlet for her. So while I understand those of us who say it’s time we moved on, doesn’t change the feeling of loss for many of us. As I tell my fellow anime fans, ‘Cherish the old, Embrace the new’…and I didn’t even compare Kalafina to Rush this time…!

  9. TRal55 / Tarryl says:

    I agree with you Hanneko. I never thought Kalafina matched the magic of what Kajiura produced before. The songs surrounding Fiction, Fiction II, .hack//SIGN & Liminality, Madlax, Noir, Le Portrait de Petite Cosette, El Cazador de la Bruja, Elemental Gelade, Rekishi Hiwa Historia, etc. — That is Kajiura’s true magic.

    I never liked Wakana’s or Hikaru’s voices. People would talk about how much they loved Wakana’s voice, and I seriously thought I needed to get my ears checked out, because I could never hear anything extraordinary. I’m really excited to see if this break-up allows Kajiura to return to her old form and old magic.

    That being said, they did produce several songs that I like, and I usually loved the Kajiurago within the Kalafina songs even more than the songs themselves. Certain songs like Hanataba, Yume no Daichi, heavenly blue, Usumurasaki, Ongaku, and Mune no Yukue definitely made it onto my playlist more than a few times.

  10. Capulet says:

    I never thought that there are people who dislike Kalafina so much as to wish them disband for the sake of Kajiura-san. Don’t get me wrong, I know that everyone has different taste & I respect them. It’s just…no matter how much I dislike a K-pop boyband, I never wish them to disband cause I know that there’re people (well…their fans) who like their songs, enjoy their song, and genuinely entertained by them.

  11. May55 says:

    What a sad news, kalafina will always be my favorite 🙁

  12. Ria says:

    Agree with you Capulet. I believe the girls put in their best effort in performing. No matter how one dislikes an artist, one cannot disown the artist’s hard work. I feel wishing them to disband is rude and inappropriate and disrespectful altogether. Anyhow, everyone has different opinions, please learn how to respect different voices. If you don’t like, move on.

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