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Hikaru also leaves Kalafina and Spacecraft


Today, the Kalafina LINE blog updated  with a message by Hikaru, stating the she also left Kalafina and Spacecraft starting October 20 2018. A handwritten version  of the letter was sent to the Harmon Fanclub members.

Meanwhile, Wakana has started a solo career starting with a tour called 『Wakana Live Tour 2018 ~Toki wo Koete~』in which she performed number original songs and will release a solo single next year called 時を超える夜に Toki wo Koeru Yoru ni (composition Shusui. producer Andres Dannvik)

At this point, all that remains is an official disbandment announcement.

Thanks to HimeWakana for the news!

8 responses

  1. izzy says:

    Does that mean that Kalafina is over for good and will never get back together?

  2. george1234 says:

    Yes thats what it means. Even if Wakana quits too at the end i doubt the 3 will come together as Kalafina again. Kalafina was Kajiura’s longest j-pop project, all the others: See-Saw, Chiba Saeko, FJYuuka stopped or haulted after the 2 albums release. For See-saw they released 2 albums in 1992-1995, and came back again in 2002 for their second take, where they released compilation album “see-saw” all old songs, and Dream Field. Collab with Chiba Saeko was 2 albums as well, FJY 2 albums too. Its was only Kalafina that reached 5 albums, and from one point and then it was clear that Kajiura was tired of composing songs just for them, and was going on auto-pilot for All A-side songs. It was about time to end and if you ask me im not sad about it, its a great opportunity for both Kajiura and the girls to try new things in their career. 🙂

  3. Micchan86868 says:

    I feel so sad… I just read the announcement today, and it feels like “Oh my God, there’ll be no more Kalafina… no more fairytale like song with beautiful music…”
    Suddenly, my album folder for theirs filled with nostalgia.

    Kalafina was my very first love vocal group. Actually I don’t really like vocal group or girl band kind of band. Sometimes when I heard others, it feels so stuffy, like too much instrumental, too dj-ish, the lyrics not beautiful, the voices too rough or the backing vocal too loud, can’t mix well with the other.
    The first time I know Kalafina, I was listening Kimi ga Hikari ni Kaeteyuku, and I got a chill. The song’s so low profile but those three gave it a soul and I really love Kajiura’s music composition. No exaggerate high note, the backing vocal mixed so well that at that time I thought Keiko’s also a soprano.

    I will really miss their concert, the songs, the time when I know they launched a new albums, the sweet feeling I felt when I read the lyrics translations, and the heart soothing classic fairytale like musics…
    I hope they’ll be happy with their own different path. Success!

  4. EncryptoFeria says:

    I’m so sad that they all disbanded, but it is true that maybe it is also a great start for something, just hoping that they still keep good relationship, maybe collab concert again in the future.

  5. Thorn-Mage says:

    10 years is a good run, and while there was a stretch of hit singles that all sounded the same, the fact of the matter is, there was no one like Kalafina. For aspiring young talent, they are the ones to beat. Finally watched the Farewell concert, and what a send-off it was! However, I’m not entirely ruling out the possibility of a re-union someday–being a Yes fan, I’m used to band break-ups followed by returns! But if this is truly it, let’s be thankful for all the wonderful music–some of Kajiura’s best–and all the best to those elegant ladies.

  6. Soki says:

    It pains me that I never got to see them live, at least once, before the disbandment. Their voices are the most beautiful combination I will ever hear. Thank you Kalafina and Kajiura for an amazing discography. I will be listening to it until I can’t anymore.

  7. Feniasta says:

    Do somebody knows Kalafina girl’s social media sites? Twitter or something? I’d like to follow their solo career, but i can’t find anything but fan pages…

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