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Yuki Kajiura has updated the look of her website !!

It has both pc and mobile version, and some new content as well (filters on discography, some new things on “profile” etc.). She has also made a blogpost taking about the update! The new fanclub, FictionJunction Station, will  open soon and thus its website is down for maintenance

[Update Oct 1]
The FictionJunction Station website has opened! In the logo, the carousel of FJC has been replaced with a train station, and one of the locomotives has and “F” in front. There are also links to Yuki’s site’s and blog, “FictionJunction Board” which lists vocalists and musicians profiles for the past vol#14 and possibly more in the future. The members area includes buttons for “My page”, “Ticket” and “FJ Column” and there are also Login and sign up buttons on top right.

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