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Yuki Kajiura now has her own company! – FictionJunction Music + New fanclub

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Today at the first Yuki Kajiura Live vol#14 in Tokyo, Yuki Kajiura announced (and confirmed rumours) that she made her own one-person company named “FictionJunction Music”, probably in place of SpaceCraft Produce which she left last February.

A photo from the live shows a booth with a tablecloth with the new logo:

Another photo from concert ticket shows the company as organiser and not a record label which are listed on the next line.

More details will be added as they are announced.

thanks to Westkana for the news!

[Update July 1st, 2018]
According to an LisAni article, during the July 1st Yuki Kajiura Live vol#14, Kajiura-san in an MC talked again about her new company and she also announced that a new Fanclub will be established this Autumn

In other news, AnimeNewsNetwork has published a new interview with Yuki Kajiura in light of her AnimeExpo 2018 performance

9 responses

  1. moichispa says:


  2. Thorn Mage says:

    This is Way Cool! So Amazingly Amazing! We believe, Kajiura-sensei–you can do it!

  3. juliadomina says:

    So, is there any hope to get our Kalafina back too!!!!!!!

  4. george1234 says:

    Only if Keiko gets the logo and the contracts of W and H terminate.

  5. Keira says:


  6. Keiko89 says:

    BANZAI!!! YUKI-SAMA GANBATTE KUDASAI!!! Ojala y ahora Kalafina pase a estar bajo el sello propio de Kajiura Yuki como siempre debión ser, y que Keiko regrese!!!! Ojala…porque no puedo vivir sin ellas!!!!

  7. InUs says:

    fue la mejor decisión que pudo haber tomado Yuki-sama, ahora toca esperar por más de kalafina en un futuro algo cercano, ojalá ^_^. . . .

  8. Keira says:

    So there’s still hope for the fantastic trio to come back under Kajiura-sama!!! WAAAAAHHH!

  9. george1234 says:

    Only if Keiko gets the Kalafina logo and goes back to Kajiura.

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