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Keiko confirms that she is leaving Kalafina and Spacecraft


Today Keiko  announced via Kalafina’s LINE blog  that her contract with Spacecraft has ended and that she’s also leaving Kalafina. Keiko says that she loved the years she passed as Kalafina and is thanking the people who supported her as Kalafina for 10 years. Kalafina will continue (for now) with Wakana and Hikaru. She doesnt menthion any future plans though.

Remember however, that on the Japanese Platform for Patent information,  (under “Retrieval keyword” enter “Kalafina” > “search”, >  “Search results: 1” and then click on “View List”,  click Appl.No.2017-170294  to get the details.)   there can be found an application for the “Kalafina” trademark ownership, applied by Keiko Kubota, on December 28, 2017.

This can mean that if Keiko gets the trademark, W and H will have to rebrand themselves. (and if she joins Y.Kajiura’s team again….. 🙂 )

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  1. Tarryl (aka TRal55) says:

    Why would Keiko get the Kalafina trademarked name? Wouldn’t that be under Spacecraft’s ownership?

    There’s no doubt in my mind that Keiko is leaving Kalafina because Yuki left. She wants to follow Yuki, I feel convinced of it.

  2. NeilC says:

    Not sure about how Japanese IP law works, but it should have to do with Keiko’s contract. AFAIK Space Craft are a managing company, not an employer, so its very possible that Keiko never signed over IP rights to them. If that is the case, if she was the principle designer of the logo she theoretically has a strong claim for it.

    The counter would be that it had been opperated by someone else for the last 10 years.

    Depending on how Space Craft actually works, a counter to that might be that Space Craft are essentially a contractor providing managerial services to Kalafina.

    I’m confused because I thought Sony owned all the rights.

  3. juliadomina says:

    I am praying what you are thinking about happens too. It was the first thing comes in my mind even before I read your speculation. The Trio voices are exactly the opposite of each other nevertheless they are in harmony altogether with the melodies and lyrics.
    Thank you for keeping us updated.

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