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YK Live vol#14 : Announced vocalists and musicians – unusual lineup!

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Yuki Kajiura has updated her website with the vocalists and musicians for the upcoming Yuki Kajiura Live vol#14 ~25th Anniversary Special~! Following the events of her leaving spacecraft and the events at Kalafina, the vocalists line-up has changed. Wakana and Keiko are missing currently and are replaced by Sound Horizon / Linked Horizon’s Joelle, who also had reportedly sang one of the songs of the chinese L.O.R.D movie Yuki Kajiura has made the soundtrack for 2 years ago (still unreleased). Examples of Joelle voice: 1, 2, 3

Yuki Kajiura Live vol #14 “~25th Anniversary Special~”
Dates: June 30 – July 15

Venue: Maihama Ampitheater (Chiba, Tokyo):
June 30, 2018
July 1, 2018
July 15, 2018

Venue: Osaka NHK Hall (Osaka, Japan):
July 12, 2018

Yuki Kajiura (Piano, Chorus)

Vocal (all days): KAORI / YURIKO KAIDA / Joelle

Vocal (change per day): Kasahara Yuri (Jul 15), Itou Eri (Jul 12), Tomaru Hanae (June 30), Remi (July 1), ASUKA (*undecided date)

Koranaga Koichi (E. Guitar), Sato Kyoichi (Drums), Takahashi “Jr” Tomoharu (Bass), Konno Hitoshi (Violin: Jul 12 and 15), Ayaka Jomoto (Violin: June 30, July 1), Akagi Rie (Flute)
Oohira Yoshio (Manipulator)

thanks to D-chan2510 for the news!

8 responses

  1. Hayden K says:

    . . . Oh wuuuuuuuut. What is going ooooooooon . . . . . . . . . who will be covering KEIKO . . . .

  2. George1234 says:

    Probably Yuriko or Yuki, its those who do chorus when Keiko doesnt 😉

  3. Hayden K says:

    Will there be DVDs or some way to view this? I literally miss everything that’s not on YouTube and don’t know anything outside of it.

  4. George1234 says:

    They never announce those prior to the event itself or it could function as reason for some people to not attend. Usually at the event day people report cameras if there are and few months later the BD is getting announced but i think its up to the recording label and the artist if they ll release or not.

  5. George1234 says:

    You can find some of the lives on vk and dailymotion if you too lazy to look for non streaming options 😉

  6. Tarryl (aka TRal55) says:


  7. happiehappie says:

    Why does it say Yuki Kajiura Live vol #14 “~25th Anniversary Special~”
    Dates: June 30 – July 12

    but the events in tokyo has one which is July 15?

  8. Hayden K. says:

    It might have just been from that preliminary information that was on the FJ site before that recent actual calendar schedule, and just hasn’t been edited yet.

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