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A Kalafina member to quit the group! :(

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Today there was a Harmony fanclub announcement, that one of the Kalafina members has decided to quit the band. There is still no menthion on who it is, but they say it ll be announced soon.

Additionally on at the Japanese Platform for Patent information,  (under “Retrieval keyword” enter “Kalafina” > “search”, >  “Search results: 1” and then click on “View List”,  click Appl.No.2017-170294  to get the details.)   there can be found an application for the “Kalafina” trademark ownership, applied by Keiko Kubota, on December 28, 2017, but we dont know what this could possibly mean.

info: yuki.n, HimeWakana, Kugayama

Update: This paper says it will be Keiko the one who quits! But we will still have to wait for official confirmation.

info: smiley

11 responses

  1. Alfunds says:

    Why is she leaving?! Kalafina won’t be the same without her! I loved her voice so much and the way it could blend with those of Wakana and Hikaru.

  2. I’m still waiting for further news and revelation. Won’t let my heart break… yet.

  3. ~mana~ says:

    I still can’t believe that this is happening… I wish they could stay together and find a way to work with Kajiura again… Why don’t they change the management company, and continue their way… No one can replace their harmony! Kalafina is Kalafina as long as there is W-K-H with Kajiura <3

  4. Librashooter says:

    Are Keiko trying to be Kalafina’s new producer? Hope so…

  5. Tarryl (aka TRal55) says:

    Goddamn I love it. She is following Yuki, right where she belongs.

  6. Guriiin says:

    I really hoped that the rumored one is Hikaru (admit it, Wakana can substitute her part). But if it’s Keiko, then Kalafina is officially over. I’m kinda excited as to what she’s gonna do next! She’ll make a great solo singer 🙂

  7. Nichiro says:

    This is terrible!!! Why is this happening?? It’s so heartbreaking for me. Kajiura san’s songs really helped me to cope with my depression. Especially Door, Seventh Heaven, Dolce and Hikari No Senritsu. But now she has left!!! All of her songs are so beautiful and heavenly, but now kalafina is disbanding, and I can’t see that.
    Kajiura san left the group, and now Señora keiko san is leaving too!!!??? I think my depression will increase so much after that. I hope kajiura san will find a way to compose more beautiful songs with Señora Hikaru ,Señora Wakana and Señora Keiko……….

  8. Momo says:

    but i guess it should be wakana

  9. NikosGreece says:

    I want all 3 of them to leave the company 😀 and work with Kajiura and fiction junction ^^

  10. Nay says:

    Wakana most definitely can not substitue for Hikaru. Many songs like Magia, Destination Unknown, obbligato, progressive etc etc. will not be the same without her..

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