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Kalafina 10th Anniversary Live !!: Setlist, film poster and promo vid and CPM’s gifts!

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Kalafina, today, January 23, 2018 celebrated 10 years since their debut !!! \(^O^)/ and for that they did today’s Kalafina 10th Anniversary Live which according to reports was the best live by them so far filled with many of their most loved songs and lots of b-sides making it their longest setlist ever!
* lots of cameras spotted at the concert according to attendees so we can pray for release.

Kalafina 10th Anniversary Live
January 23, 2018
Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan
32 Songs

After the Live they talked about their anniversary film which will be apparently shown on theaters 🙂 Here is the PV

The documentary film called 「Kalafina 10th Anniversary Film ~A Sparkling Harmony Spun out of Dreams~」 and will be released in March 30. The film will be available for only a 2-weeks time, till April 12.

Release Date: March 30
Limited runtime: Two weeks; March 30~April 12

The documentary will focus on the second half of 2017 (leading up to their 10th Anniversary) including activities such as Kalafina’s World Heritage Lives as well as the Acoustic Tour 2017. This film will showcase Kalafina’s 10-year history and it is also going to provide a glimpse into their future

The members offered them a flower stand (big thanks to Yumi) and also a book with art and messsages created with lots of love by all of us (big thanks to D-chan2510 for compiling) 😀 You can download our book from HERE


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  1. ChibiTomo says:

    Anybody know if ”Kalafina 10th Anniversary Live” was recorded for release on DVD / Blu-Ray?

  2. george1234 says:

    Mike852605 said: ↑
    it should be a disc release there were cameras all over the stage. It was an incredible concert with so many songs (*edit I never heard live) like Lirica and Adore.

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