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Katsugeki Touken Ranbu 3rd PV with Hyakka Ryouran sample!


The Katsugeki Touken Ranbu website has updated with a 3rd PV of the anime, featuring sample of Kalafina‘s song Hyakka Ryouran serving as Ending theme for the anime! The anime starts airing on Jul 1st, and the single will come out on August 9, 2017. Check here for the already announced details for the single

thanks to HimeWakana for the news!!

4 responses

  1. Hayden K. says:

    YES. I am FEELING this. I think some of the recently saltier fans will have a good reminder of the older work that our Lady Kajiura can do, as several of them think the fire is dimming. But this song isn’t called Hyakka Ryouran for nothing. Thank you, thank you HimeWakana!

  2. george1234 says:

    the saltier fans say it reminds of Parallel Hearts 😉

  3. Argonir says:

    I love Parallel Hearts and I love this too.

  4. verne says:

    Well then, I think I’m one of the “salty fans” bcs I DO think that this song reminds me of Parallel Hearts xD But that doesn’t mean that I’m also one of the salty fans that thinking that “the fire is dimming” (even tho I hope this song will give somewhat a traditional japan aura or tune in it as this song is for Touken Ranbu which is… you know it la xD)
    BUT! I LIKE THIS SONG! hearing Wakana and Keiko’s voice like merging into one give me thrills! Totally worth the wait! xD

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