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Kalafina sang chorus for new Shinji Tanimura song «Adeline»


Do you remember their Alchira no Hoshi collaboration ? Today was announced in the Kalafina Line blog  that Kaladina provided backing vocals for a bonus track song titled Adeline「アデリーヌ」 in Shinji Tanimura’s new 45-years-celebrating album 「STANDARD〜呼吸〜」(kokyū, breathing), that’s releasing tomorrow, on April 5, 2017.. That song was originally written by Richard Clayderman, titled “Nagisa no Adeline”, and Shinji Tanimura covers it.

Title: Shinji Tanimura 45th memorial album “STANDARD ~ breathing ~”
Release: April 5, 2017
Publisher: Universal Music Japan

[Limited Edition]
Contains: 3CD + DVD
Product Code: UICZ-9092
Price: ¥ 5,000 (tax included)

[Normal Edition]
Contains: 3CD
Product Code: UICZ-4391
Price: ¥ 4,000 (tax included)

Thanks to Westkana for the news!

You can listen to a sample for the song here

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