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Kalafina made their own, sepate from FJC, fanclub “Harmony”


Today Kalafina got their own new official fanclub called  Harmony
which will be separate and independent from FictionJunction Club (FJC) that Yuki Kajiura made in 2009 and included Kalafina as well. Admission and membership will work very similar to FJC
Members of FictionJunction Club can choose to enroll for both FJC and Harmony (in which case they’ll receive a special present) or they can switch over to Harmony (and their membership in FJC will run out).

You can visit the new fanclub’s page from here

We still dont know if from now on Kalafina will keep their activity on FJC as well.

Remember that from April 4, Kalafina will be in a new sub-label of SME, Sacra Music, so this is probably part of the new promotion policy.

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  2. george1234 says:

    We dont represent Yuki Kajiura ^^; you can send her message via this page >

  3. hassna says:

    ohhh yeah i know haha thank you so much ^_^

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