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Kalafina「into the world / Märchen」single covarts and tracklist!


The Kalafina LINE blog  has updated with the coverarts and tracklists for their 20th single 「into the world / Märchen」!

This time, there 3 different tracklists for the CD, one for the LEs and RE, one for Anime Ed and one for vinyl. The first has into the world instrumental while the second has Märchen instrumental, and the vinyl has everything. The LEs DVD has only into the world PV while the Anime Edition DVD has Märchen PV and 2 creditless Ending sequences from the OVA (one for ep 1, one for rest of episodes). This all means that to get all the tracks and all the videos you need to buy at least 2 of the single’s editions. Furthermore there’s suprisingly one b-side included! Haru wo Matsu (春を待つ), “= waiting for spring”.

Remember that starting from April 4, Kalafina will be in new sublabel of Sony, SacraMusic, we still dont know if there was any involvement in this single though.

Kalafina – 「into the world / Märchen」
VVCL–1005 (Reg), VVCL-1001~2 (LE+DVD), VVCL–1003~4 (LE+BD), VVCL-1006~7 (AnE), VVJL-1 (Vinyl) | April 5, 2017
Single (RHH ED 5 & Zaregoto OVA ED)
4 (reg-LEs), 5 (ani), 6 Tracks (vinyl)
Preorder LE A | LE B | RE | Ani | Vinyl | from CD Japan

thanks to Sofia and sprinterXkyrie for the news!

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