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Yuki Kajiura’s SAO concert in Holywood is getting CANCELLED

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Aniplex USA has announced, that Yuki Kajiura’s SAO concert on Hollywood on January 14, 2017, is getting CANCELLED.Full text below:

We regret to announce that the “Yuki Kajiura LIVE featuring Sword Art Online” concert on January 14, 2017 at the Dolby Theatre is cancelled due to visa issues. Ms. Kajiura, the artists, and everyone involved in the show were looking forward to performing for the U.S. fans which makes it particularly difficult and disappointing for us to make this announcement. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by these unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances.
All tickets purchased online or over the phone will be refunded at point of purchase. Fees will be automatically refunded to the credit card used at the time of your purchase. Your refund should be in your account within 10 business days after this announcement.
All ticketholders will receive the collectible event pamphlet and exclusive Sword Art Online the Movie -Ordinal Scale- pouch. Details on how to claim these items will be announced at a later date on our official homepage. (
For more information, please contact Ticketmaster at:
Or please call: 800-653-8000

Update Jan 7: Yuki Kajiura has made a blog entry concerning the cancellation, probably someone from aniplex US translated it and there’s english below as well.

Update Jan 11: The SAO website has updated with guidelines on how to retrieve your purchased merchandise (poster, pouch) and tickets

10 responses

  1. Thorn-Mage says:

    The words ‘devastated’ might describe a smidgen of how I’m feeling just now: I’m not angry, but I am saddened–I’ve only been spending the past 6 months getting ready for this event,after all. I guess I just talked about it too much–that usually is the way of it. I have a scroll with the signatures of approximately 90 Ohio Kajiura fans that I was going to be presenting to her, not to mention my Mom’s Buckeye recipe(and samples for everybody,too). I really was looking forward to telling Kajiura-sensei in person just how much God has used her music to bless my life–I wake up to the ‘Kara no Kyoukai’ soundtrack every morning. Any help anyone can give me as to how to send her (and the others) all the goodies I’ve stored up for them would be greatly appreciated. Meantime, if any fellow concert-goers needs a hug, here’s one for you{Squeeze}—I know I could use one about now,too…

  2. george1234 says:

    You can email her agent (his email is on the last line on the text below the form) or send her twit at @fion0806 , however im not sure they accept edibles, could be poisoned or go bad while going there.

  3. Thorn-Mage says:

    Thanks So Very Much,Good Sir! At least this way, I might be able to send a bit of the event to her–but you’re right: the buckeyes would not survive the trip! I’ll go anyways–my room is non-refundable, and I’m sure they’ll be something to do in Hollywood; I’ll make lemonade out of these lemons!

  4. Thorn-Mage says:

    Just read Kajiura-sensei’s blog; makes me feel bad for her. This live meant a lot to her–don’t be discouraged! We know you’ll perform in the US again someday: we believe!

  5. Vyse Legendaire says:

    How does this kind of thing happen I wonder. And here I thought the US just handed out Visas like candy cuz hey Americans don’t need jobs.

  6. Thorn-Mage says:

    Vyse, that is pretty funny. Thanks for making me crack a smile!

  7. M-San says:

    Its funny they say its visa issue but they announced the concert about 8 months ago, What the hell they doing all this time. I hope she get Another opportunities in the Future.

  8. Vyse Legendaire says:

    I was going to ask that as well. How can you pull a bait and switch with one week to go? Shady business imo…

  9. george1234 says:

    If they refund the ticket money and send the merchandise as they say they will it wont be bait and switch. This is truly the first time ever that a Yuki Kajiura & Co performance is getting cancelled, so i want to believe that it was not intentional.

  10. Thorn-Mage says:

    Thanks for your help, george1234–my package has been mailed, and will get where it needs to go! Next time I do my convention panel ‘Yuki Kajiura: Great Adventures in Anime Music’, I’ll have a story to tell as well.
    Took a tour of the Dolby while in Hollywood; cannot believe how close to the stage my seat would’ve been–! Thanks again for assisting this orokanagaijin!

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