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Kalafina Arena Tour 2016 BD/DVD announced! (+tracklist/coverart)

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In today’s 『Winter Acoustic “Kalafina with Strings”』commemoration event at Gate City Osaki Atrium, Kalafina announced the release of a BD/DVD of their Arena Tour lives! Its specified that it will be from one of the Budokan days days. The BD/DVD will also include bonus content (Nippon Budokan documentary +  Mexico documentary) 🙂 You can head to the live events page for a look at the setlists

Title: Kalafina Arena Tour 2016 BD/DVD
Release Date: January 18, 2017
Bonus: Arena Tour Nippon Budokan documentary + far on the water in Mexico documentary

thanks to sprinterxKyrie for the news!

UPD: In the article its specified it will be from Budokan days.

Update Nov 21: The Kalafina blog has updated with staff annouuncement with the tracklist and the coverart of the release!!

The recording of the live will be from the same day as in the WOWWOW broadcast, September 16 at Nippon Budokan, but will be also included 5 songs from September 17 as bonus content, and 4 MCs are also there! In the DVD release there will be 2 discs while 1 disc in the BD one. Also for the first time, both BD and DVD are sold for ¥6800 (tax in)

click below to view details:

Kalafina Arena LIVE 2016 at Nippon Budokan
DVD: SEBL-216~217, Blue-Ray: SEXL-86
January 18, 2017
27 + 5 Tracks
[Preorder: BD | DVD from CDJapan]

5 responses

  1. Vyse Legendaire says:

    I wonder if it will be different from the recent WOWOW broadcast? I wouldn’t mind a high-def version of that with proper lossless audio.

    Also I have to say that the inclusion of part about ” Arena Tour Nippon Budokan documentary” actually leads me to believe the main performance event will be the arena rather than the Budokan, because why document the one you are showcasing? Just a guess.

  2. george1234 says:

    ^ Maybe for the rehearsals and how they felt about the live, or maybe it will be for the day that’s not in the BD (there were 2 lives on each venue)

    I dont know if it will be diffiferent but it will be stupid to release the same one they broadcasted because some people might not liked that one and will refrain from buying it.

    Last time an event was broadcasted on WOWOW (YK vol 11) they released a different day 🙂

  3. Vyse Legendaire says:

    Yea I am hoping and expecting it too.

  4. Maya from Kalafina says:

    FYI. Usually, when an artist (especially Japanese one, since we’re talking about them here) release a DVD/BD of their concert after the broadcast on TV, the changes are quite a significance, especially camera angles. Other than that, some of “Talk” part in between (the break after some performances) will be bundled into one at the end.

    So for this release, I think the camera angles will change (Magia performance needs better camera angles to see what they are doing with the screen), more performances included with no break, MC will be added, and maybe some vocals editing will be added.

    Maybe they have opening logo like “Koibito no…” in far on the water tour on first performance too? We’ll see later. But the DVD/BD will totally worth it, for sure.

  5. Vyse Legendaire says:

    Ah so our suspiciions were confirmed. But I’m not disappointed about it, in fact I like this. This concert showed off the best of Kalafina imo, and it will be great to see/hear in full quality. Together with the inclusion of the tracks left off of the WOWOW including Encore and some others, as well as the 9.17 footage, it’s worth the price.

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