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Sword Art Online II OST vol 1 to release December 12

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The Sword Art Online II website has updated with the details of the 3rd BD/DVD of the series, the Limited Edition of which will include as bonus CD the Original Soundtrack vol.1, composed by Yuki Kajiura! This release will include episode 7 to 9.

The soundtrack so far is mostly disco-like/electronic with some epic tracks and some piano pieces, there is also 1 new REMI track, and 2 swordland arrangements. 2 tracks that appeared in the Extra Edition episode were used again so we expect them to be included.

It has also been confirmed that the anime will have 24 episodes, possibly covering the next arc as well.

Title: Sword Art Online Ⅱ” Volume 3 (BD/DVD)
Release Date: December 12, 2014
Product Codes
Blu-ray Limited Edition:  ANZX-11125~11126
DVD Limited Edition:  ANZB-11125~11126
Prices: ¥7,800+tax (BD LE), ¥6,800+tax (DVD LE)
Bonuses for LE:

  • Jacket illustration drawn by Adachi Shingo
  • bonus CD (“Original Soundtrack vol.1“) by Yuki Kajiura
  • special booklet (16P)

In-disc bonuses:

  • Sword Art Offline II ep 3 (short comical animation)
  • Character commentary video
  • audio commentary

DVD Regular Edition also comes out but without the bonuses.
Price: ¥5,800+tax
Product Code: ANSB-11125

Update: Release date changed to December 24th


8 responses

  1. Alex W says:

    Do we know if the Season 1 OST is ever going to get it’s own release (like Madoka’s did)?

    I want to buy as many Kajiura works as I can but atm the SAO score is only available via the BDs and I don’t want to fork out extra money for that godawful show.

  2. george1234 says:

    There is nothing announced so I cant promise anything either. SAO isnt even as nearly as popular as Madoka is so even though there’s is a possibility season 1 might get standalone, I personally think its unlikely 🙁

  3. Alex W says:

    It’s a shame if that’s the case, but I’m told the score for SAO isn’t that great bar a few main themes anyway. But I’ll hold out (maybe I’ll also check out YJA every so often to see if someone is getting rid of their volumes that have the OSTs for cheap or something, though I still don’t really want SAO BD sets taking up my shelf tbh…), who knows- it could take years but still happen, or just never happen ever. Only time will tell.

  4. george1234 says:

    You can check the score for yourself since there are videos with the music on youtube and other sites. Its indeed inferior to some previous works or some future ones, but its not that bad as you have heard 😉

  5. BABABA says:

    SAO season 2 soundtrack is coming out in December 24th, not the 12th..

  6. george1234 says:

    It was 12th at first but then changed it to 24th. If you noticed I have fixed the date everywhere (calendar, discography , future events, except here

  7. BABABA says:

    when is the season 2 soundtrack volume 1 coming out?
    Its the 24th in America and i still havent come out yet.
    I went on itunes but they didnt have any. i went on the sao official site,
    but sadly i cant read any Japanese.
    Do you know when the album is coming out on anime ost downloading sites?
    I think theyre selling it online but im not allowed to shop online.
    please help!

  8. george1234 says:

    Its officially coming out on December 24, 2014, but is not sold standalone but along with BD/DVD vol.3. It should have come out yesterday but for some reason it hasnt made it to the internet yet. If you wish to buy you can check here otherwise just wait more 🙂

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