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Kalafina new song「heavenly blue」for Aldnoah Zero anime!


Today Sony announced that Kalafina will do the Opening Theme song titled 「heavenly blue」for the TV anime “Aldnoah Zero”. The anime’s script is written by Gen Urobuchi, directed by Ei Aoki (Kara no Kyoukai, Fate Zero) and is animated by the studios A-1 Pictures + TROYCA, its music will be composed by Hiroyuki Sawano (Guilty Crown, Attack on Titan, Kill la Kill) who will also perform the Ending Theme 🙂

Here’s a PV of the anime

Click to view more info for the anime: ANN , official website

thanks to ABC, random, Kowz and aki for the news!

6 responses

  1. hatou says:

    You could put that trailer music in SnK and not tell the difference…
    Does Sawano’s songs all sound like that?

    I have not watched enough of his shows to judge, but if this is what all his vocal tracks sound like, he’s even worse than Kajiura in terms of “sounding samey”

    Also, that art style! It’s strange seeing Shimura Takako’s (Aoi Hana, Hourou Musuko) art style in a show like this one.

  2. george1234 says:

    Yes its like that. His music is a mixture of trance, SFX, and chorus (where the chorus is difficult to hear, and I am not sure if he’s writting lyrics in the first place), here and there he also uses violin and cello. I really liked his music for Attack on TItan but in Kill la Kill only the main theme I guess.

    Also his soundtracks bare really strange titles: like replacing lettters with symbols or having japanese characters replacing similar looking english letters. also they are long but few, each track can be 6 – 10 mins long so each OST has around 10 tracks. He also loves to make insert songs in english and german, some of them are pretty good.and are included in the soundtrack.
    eg of insert song used in Kill la Kill (the song I liked)
    and from attack on titan, my favourite

  3. Chibi-Chibi says:

    @hatou: actually they are not! But ever since he switched to anime (I’d say from Sengoku Basara) his style is fairy similar, sort of. But he also got to work on many titles that kinda need this sort of music (as in epic wannabe sounding music).
    His works for TV dramas are quite different. Some of them are still similar, it’s Sawano after all, but you’ll find a lot more diversity there than in his anime works, and a lot less vocal works too.

  4. Xeno says:

    my guess: something like To The Beginning

  5. Wow...Really?2681 says:

    George1234 there is no mystery as to why some of his song names use Japanese characters and english letters mixed. The reason behind it is because the Japanese language has no kanji character for the letter “L.”

  6. george1234 says:

    ^ then why not just write the whole title in english ? lol

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