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Listen to Kajiura Yuki’s first webradio for elemental’s promotion

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Click HERE to listen to Yuki Kajiura’s first webradio program for the promotion of FictionJunction’s elemental album. In this episode she seems to answer to some of the fans’ mails and lets us hear sample of the songs of the album.(There’s sample of the “elemental” song at 12:45). Also click to view FictionJunction’s updated website

FictionJunction – elemental
VTCL-60361 | January 22, 2014
13 Tracks
[Pre-order] from CD Japan

thanks to Kuguyama for the webradio’s link!

[EDIT 1/9/14] Kaori menthioned in her blog that a performance has been added to Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#11 / elemental Tour 2014, in Taipei, Taiwan’s capital!

Event Title:「Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#11 / elemental Tour 2014 in Taipei」
Date:April 12, 2014 (Saturday)
Venue: ATT SHOW BOX (Taipei)
*More info to be announced.

For info on the Japan tour, and other events, please visit our Future Works/Events page

2 responses

  1. maha says:

    I like the sonfg overall, but yuriko`s and keiko`s parts are surprisingly unexpected good.
    Cant wait for the full song. Hope the others are good too.

  2. IwishSan says:

    I would love to attend the live in Taiwan … but the date won’t work for me …

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