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FictionJuction – elemental: samples! & twitter event

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The Fictionjuction official site has updated with samples for all songs except nohara! Check our previous news post for a longer sample of ‘elemental’ song! 🙂

FictionJunction – elemental
VTCL-60361 | January 22, 2014
13 Tracks
[Pre-order] from CD Japan

[EDIT 15/1/14] The second episode of Yuki Kajiura’s web radio show is out!.At 10:39 there’s a big sample of storytelling

[EDIT 22/1/14] The album is released! The 3rd episode of of Yuki Kajiura’s web radio show is out! This time a big sample of gaika is featured at 14:56.
Also, she will hold a twitter event for the album on January 31, 2014 with more details announced later.

thanks to yuki.n for the news!

In other news, we’ve updated our forum to xenforo, and you are welcome to join and use its many new features 😀 Thanks to Sudrien for all his hard work.

[EDIT 29/1/2014]
The details about the twitter event menthioned above, were announced by Kajiura Yuki

Event Title: FictionJunction album “elemental” Petit launch event
Date/Time: January 31, 2014 (Fri) 22:00 (Japan Time). Two continious playabacks of the album (when the CD finishes press ‘play’ again)
Hashtag: #FJele
Destination account: @FJukatsu (use @FJukatsu only for important messages you dont want mixed with the event)
Note: Only Kajiura Yuki will be present answering and commenting, not FictionJuction.

The 4th episode of Yuki Kajiura’s web radio show is out!.At 13:24 there’s a big sample of storm

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