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Yuki Kajiura Web radio – Questionnaire


Yuki Kajiura is planning do a web radio broadcast, to promote the new FictionJunction album 「elemental」, and is encouraging us to answer some questions to her:

  1. If Kajiura weren’t doing the job she’s doing now, what do you think she’d be doing?
  2. If you were to ask one favor of her, what would you ask?
  3. What’s the Yojijukugo that fits her perfectly? (click here for a list)
  4. What’s the new challenge you want her to take?
  5. What are the weak points of her that you see as a fan?
  6. If she were to open a shop, what shop would it be?

You can answer via this special mailform. Keep in mind when answering that she needs not just the answers, but also the reasons why you think of that answer. You may also submit your own question. Mails will be accepted until December 1, 2013

thanks to yuki.n for translating the questions, and FXMacCobra, arqnohikari for the news!

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