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FictionJunction ASUKA song featured in the new Madoka movie!

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Recently a japanese show aired the first 3 minutes of the new Madoka Magica movie “Rebellion”, where near the end there was a new song. Yuki Kajiura confirmed via an interview, that its ASUKA from FictionJunction singining it! This is sort of a historical moment since its the first song of ASUKA composed by Yuki since 2006, when “everlasting song” single was released 😀

Asuka had previously appeared in Yuki Kajiura live vol#9 (the one that came out on BD/DVD), as well as vol#10, singing everlasting song on both and also See-Saw’s “Uta” in vol#10.

Thanks to Kowz and elcazador for the news!

7 responses

  1. Kowz says:

    Actually, Asuka also sang See-Saw’s “Uta” in vol. 10.

  2. george1234 says:

    oh forgot about, it XD

  3. Timo says:

    Nice to hear Asuka again.
    But still, i don’t like the melody at all… maybe it will change

  4. george1234 says:

    I like it, it really fits the scene, its happy and humourous at the same time, as in they set up a trap to that witch thing XD

  5. Timo says:

    Yes, I do change my mind… I do LIKE the melody. Nice music really take times to like after all.

    Hopefully they will release the full version

  6. Kagaribi says:

    I like the melody, but I feel that the way that Asuka sang it is quite weird at the beginning…(well…she’s one whose live performance is better than the recording IMO..) BTW, it sounds better at the second part of the song and I maybe OK with the whole song..let’s wait&see…

  7. Keira says:

    I agree with george, the melody is great and Asuka’s voice is perfectly suited at the scene. I like it. And I think this song will include at FictionJunction 2nd album, just like at first album.

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