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Kalafina “Consolation” Special Final’s DVD/BD & more lives


Today was the final day of the Kalafina Consolation Live Tour (Hall/House) with the concert called 「Kalafina LIVE TOUR 2013 “Consolation”」Special Final held at Tokyo International Forum Hall A, and was announced that there will be released a DVD/BD of this performence. There will be more details in the future 🙂 (P.S: Its confirmed that in the concert apart from the regular musicians there were also a cellist, a flutist and an accordion player 😀 )

There was also announced that Kalafina will do 3 “strings” lives this year too

Event: Kalafina Premium LIVE 2013 “Kalafina with Strings”

  • December 20th, 23th(Mon) @ Shibuya Bunkamura Orchard Hall, Tokyo
  • December 22th(Sun) @ Sankei Hall Breezé, Osaka

Musicians: Konno Hitoshi Strings, Yasuhiro Sakurada (Piano)

The group is also invited at 2 university festivals to perform!

  • Takachiho University (Tokyo Suginami Ward)
    Date: October 19th (Sat) 17:00/18:00
  • Meisei University (Tokyo Hino City)
    Date: November 4th (Mon) 14:15/15:00

thanks to @2Takashi156 for all these awesome news!

Finally, tomorrow (August 6) is Yuki Kajiura’s birthday, as well as her 20th anniversary as music composer. You can send her your wishes via her mailform or twitter. Our present to her will be delayed for a few days since a key contributor had no internet in her area for some days, but we will defitenely send it once its done! 🙂

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