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Tears~ReMix2013 single & Kalafina invited at AFA Indonesia 2013!

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According to online shops, the 4th single of the reunion series will be titled Tears ~ ReMix 2013 and will also contain “~ ReMix 2013” versions of Mika Arisaka’s Life Goes on and See-Saw’s Kimi wa boku ni niteiru! The description available at the victor entertainment shop, explains that this time, instead of re-arranging the music and using the same vocals (as was done in the “Re-tracks” singles), it will be the vocals that will be re-recorded and will be used the same music as in the original versions. This description is for “Tears” by Komine Lisa, but we expect it to happen to the other two songs as well. according to gamers shop, Kajiura Yuki will write (new) lyrics for Life Goes On (they were originally by Mika Arisaka) (look at ‘edit’ below). It is also confirmed that Tony Volante, engineer that worked with Kajiura-san in her “Fiction” albums, will be also involved in this single’s production.

Tears ~ ReMix 2013
VTCL-35161 | August 21, 2013
6 Tracks
[Pre-order] from CD Japan

In other news, its confirmed that Kalafina will be guests at Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013 (AFA ID) and will perform at the “I <3 anisong" concert, along with Babymetal, fripside ! Convention: Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013
Concert Title: I <3 anisong Artists: May’n, Aoi Eir, Aya Hirano (Sept 6), Kalafina, Babymetal, fripside (Sept 7)
Date: September 6 – 7th 2013
Location: Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Indonesia
website: (click here to view all invited personalities and more info)

Thanks to hm, george1234 (single) ABC and ritardando (concert) for the info!

[EDIT] Life Goes On lyrics are still by Mika Arisaka (thanks to hm)

6 responses

  1. NenaArindrasari says:

    Horray…! Kalafina finally perform in Indonesia….! Can’t wait for this…. 😀

    Wish I could go back to Jakarta again, ’cause I just came back to Jogja yesterday

    *so happy* *very excited*

  2. sintasiwi says:

    i can’t wait! i have to see them >.<

  3. phio_chan says:

    BEST news I heard lately. Still thinking if I should buy the ticket or not, but most probably I will because I’m so in love with Kalafina! Next year will be FictionJunction’s turn, LOL~ This is brilliant~! <3

  4. saraa says:

    IM. SPEECHLESS. FREAKING SPEECHLESS. *flood of joyful tears*

  5. ElrepyanUpadio says:

    Oh I love Kalafina so much!! see you on September, (Seriously I can’t wait for this)

  6. Toma_chan says:

    Anybody here has bought ticket for kalafina’s concert at afa jakarta? I want to go but I am alone and have never been to a concert before >.<

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