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Contribute to our Yuki Kajiura birthday project 2013

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Every year since 2008, we at forum make a present for Yuki Kajiura’s Birthday that’s every August 6. From these years only 2008’s was open to the non-members, mainly for faster materialisation of the present.

This year, she celebrates her 20 years as professional composer, and we’ve decided to an Inspirational Book, where every participant can submit a number of landscape / scenery photos from his country. With this we are aiming to give Kajiura-san more inspiration from places all over the world 🙂 There will be also 2 drawings, 1 as coverart and 1 for the table of contents, as well as poems made from titles of jpop/ost songs Kajiura-san has made. In the first pages of the book, we are planning to feature a world wide map, showing all the locations of fans of Her music we know of [aiming to encourage her on a World Tour ;)], and since 29 people (the members that atm participate in the project) isnt enough for this map, we will need the help of the lurkers too 😀

To help us, you can write in the comments below this post, your username, continent, country, and city where you live (no need to specify exact location). If you have friends that like Yuki’s music, you can tell them to help too 🙂 The deadline for the submissions is 2 weeks prior to her birthday, July 24.

EDIT: In case lurkers want to participate in the rest of project, there are 3 things to remember:

  1. Because there’s the danger of gathering too much stuff, we will accept photos only from countries that are not covered by some other member, or is covered by only 1. Check the participation log here. The pictures need to be taken by yourself or some relative/friend, and be landscape / scenery themed (nature -animals allowed-/buildings), you can also include short description of the photos in txt (microsoft’s notepad) file. Pictures from google wont be accepted.
  2. As for the poems if you have inspiration you can send one, and if we have space we will include it, a poem will be considered “song title poem” if it has 6 or more titles of Kajiura-made jpop or ost track in, when sending please bold the song titles inside the poem.
  3. You can send your stuff at: george(at)canta-per-me(dot)net

[EDIT December 26, 2013]
Here’s the present, sent for christmas instead 🙂

108 responses

  1. Teresa Lea says:

    Name : Teresa Lea
    Continent : Asia
    Country : Indonesia
    City : Semarang

  2. Arthur Marsh says:

    Username: Kugayama
    Continent/Country: Australia
    City: Adelaide, South Australia

  3. Sergey Usov says:

    Username: raintower
    Name: Sergey Usov
    Continent: Asia (Eurasia)
    Country: Siberia (Russia)
    City: Omsk

  4. hikari__desu says:

    Name : Voropayeva Svetlana
    Continent : Eurasia
    Country :Russia
    City : Izhevsk

  5. Vesta Lee says:

    Userame: Vesta Lee
    Continent: Eurasia
    Country: (South) Korea
    City: Daejeon

  6. Stanley says:

    Name: Stanley Lim
    Continent Southeast Asia
    Country: Malaysia
    City: Kuala Lumpur

  7. FFXIIKD says:

    Continent: Middle East
    Country: Saudi Arabia

  8. Revolve says:

    Username : Revolve
    Continent : Asia
    Country : Taiwan

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