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Yuki Kajiura Live vol #10 “Kaji Fest” 2013 website opened!


The website for the 「20th Anniversary Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#10 “Kaji Fest. 2013”」 has opened! Compared to the announcement of the live, now are also confirmed REMI and ASUKA as guest vocalists and Yoshiaki Sato (accordion) as guest musician! Furthermore Yuuka and Kaori also appear as solo artists in the page.

REMI (Sword Art Online OST I) had watched one of Yuki’s vol.#9 concerts but will be the first time she will appear as vocalist in her live concerts.

Title: 「20th Anniversary Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#10 “Kaji Fest. 2013”」
Venue: Tokyo International Forum, Hall A
Date: May 11, 2013
Vocalists FictionJunction, FictionJunction YUUKA, Kalafina
Musicians: Front Band Members (Hitoshi Konno, Sato Kyoichi, Korenaga Koichi, Takahashi “Jr” Tomoharu), Sakurada Yasuhiro (Keyboard)
Guest Vocals: Eri Itou, Hanae Tomaru, Yuri Kasahara, Emily Bindiger, REMI, ASUKA
Guest Musicians: Rie Akagi (flute), Yoshiaki Sato (accordion)
Manipulator: Oohira Yoshio

15 responses

  1. Adiey says:

    REMI from Sound Horizon???! Seriouslyyyyy????!!! *A*

  2. george1234 says:

    Yes there’s a link to her profile in the newspost. Please click that 🙂

  3. virgil says:

    kaori solo artist then expect a calling song will be performed i hope for a release video …praying

  4. May says:

    will there be a sudden income of cash so I can watch this concert?
    god, even Emily will be there. And Hikaru. *punches wall in frustration*

  5. Phantomus says:

    I’m still hope for Chiaki Ishikawa as secret guest… It’s epic event, Yuki must invite Chiaki.

  6. ZERO says:

    Everyone knew Aira Yuuki was ASUKA???? :O

  7. george1234 says:

    Yes we knew it from a research some other members had done 🙂

  8. ZERO says:

    I’ve been absent from the forums for a while now…

  9. Keira says:

    They must invite Chiaki or Kaori Nishina instead of Hikaru.. XD

  10. george1234 says:

    But Hikaru is not invited, she’s part of Kalafina. She’s probably listed alone too because she’s going to provide chorus for Yuuka along with Yuriko, just like in vol #4.

  11. Keira says:

    Yes, but I prefer the original chorus for Yuuka’s songs. It would be great.

  12. Minky Sam says:

    YES!!! KONNO-SAN GONNA BE THE VIOLINIST THIS TIME!!WOOT WOOT! srry… I got a bit excited. In Yuki Kajiura Live vol 9, the violinist was a different person… so eh… it feel a little different since the tune and all but i’m really looking forward for this live <3

  13. george1234 says:

    Well its always him except the vol 9 concert that came out on DVD (the other vol 9 conceert were with him).

  14. FxMacCobra says:

    Personally, I am wondering why the young female singer, Haruna Luna, is not in the list.

    I’m agree it would be great that Chiaki Ishikawa to be there.

    @ZERO : you can take a look at Aira’s blog to get the confirmation of her identity

  15. george1234 says:

    Because she (Haruna Luna)’s not really a Yuki vocalist, Yuki just composed her first song and wrote the lyrics, but her newer ones (as well as the other 2 songs of the Sora wa takaku single) are by totally different people.

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