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Sword Art Online OST II tracklist!!


CDJapan has updated with the tracklist for the second soundtrack of Sword Art Online anime by Yuki Kajiura! The soundtrack is released bunded along the Sword Art Online LE BD or DVD vol #7 as bonus disc.

Sword Art Online Original Soundtrack II
ANZX-6613~6614 (LE BD) ANZB-6613 (LE DVD) | April 24, 2013
27 Tracks

Price: ¥ 8,190 (including tax) [BD] ¥7,140 (including tax) [LE DVD]
Episodes: 17 [The Captive Queen], 18 [To Yggdrasil], 19 [Lugloo Corridor]

Bonus Content: booklet (16 pages), 3 pin up cards, clear case and digipak, audio commentary, Episode #7 of “Sword Art Offline” written by Reki Kawahara.
The Regular Edition DVD [ANSB-6613, ¥6,090 (tax included)] which doesn’t include the OST will also be simultaneously released.

[Pre-order LE BD] from CD Japan
[Pre-order LE DVD] from CD Japan

thanks to grunty for the tracklist!

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