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Kalafina site update & Consolation event to be streamed


The Kalafina official site has updated for the promotion of the new Kalafina album Consolation: The coverarts and a PV of Yume no Daichi!

Kalafina – Consolation
SECL-1284 (LE DVD: SECL-1280, LE BD: SECL-1282)
March 20, 2013
13 Tracks
  • Limited Edition A (CD+DVD)
    Price: 3800yen (Tax incl)
    [Pre-order] from CD Japan
  • Limited Edition B (CD+BD)
    Price: 4000yen (Tax incl)
    [Pre-order] from CD Japan
  • Regular Edition (CD only)
    Price: 3000yen (Tax incl)
    [Pre-order] from CD Japan
  • Moreover, just like with Hikaru Furu, there was also announced a Consolation release commemoration event, with studio performance by Kalafina, interview as well as full Yume no Daichi PV screening! The event will be streamed via nicovideo!

    Title: “Kalafina 4th Album Consolation” Talk & Studio live special Commemoration
    Date: March 20, 2013, 21:00 (Japan Time)
    URL: Nico-nico special page

    ^Click on the link to see a bigger version of the Regular Edition coverart!

    In other news, a Kalafina monthly TV show was announced recently

    Title: ‘Gekkan Kalafina’ (Monthly Kalafina)
    Starts airing: March 22, 2013!!
    TV Channel: MUSIC ON! TV (19:00 ~ 19:30 JST)


    In commemoration to the release of Kalafina’s 4th album, Consolation, LisAni! TV will specially feature the girls for two weeks (starting March 21) in LisAni! TV kara Home Party! Various videos and artworks will be shown. More info will be available at our Future works/events page

    thanks to D-chan2510 and ritardando for the news!

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    2. george1234 says:

      Fixed. Now big pictures are up too 🙂

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