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Kajiura Yuki to hold twitter event about the YK vol.#9 “Shibuko Special” DVD/BD


Yuki Kajiura has annnounced that she’s going to hold a twitter event on March 2, where she will discuss with the fans the new DVD/BD Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#9 “Shibuya Public Hall Special” that was released yesterday in Japan! This will be her first twitter event after 2 years of hiatus! In the event fans and Kajiura san will comment about the new release as they watch it synchronised.

Event name: 「Yuki Kajiura live vol.#9 “Shibuko Special” [DVD or Blu-ray] Let’s all see it together on twitter」
Date: March 2, 2013
Start: 22:00 o’clock (Japan time)

You can read all the information about the event in Japanese in this special page she wrote herself. Below are the most important parts, translated thanks to yuki.n


  1. You should use always hashtag #YKL9SK and send you messages to her @FJukatsu account (hashtags serve so that the messages go to the twitter event page and not her account wall)
  2. Watch the copyright warnings, enter the menu, and at 22:00 o’clock (Japan time) press “play all”.
  3. Once “toki no mukou maboroshi no sora” ends, there will be a 5 minutes intermission for people to change DVD discs because its 2 DVDs (those that have the Blu ray can just pause).
  4. You shouldnt be writing to her @Fion0806 account during the event because she wont be able to see them, but only at @FJukatsu, however in case she reaches the messages limit she will change to @Fion0806.
  5. There will be also discussion about the “Making off” video that’s only in the Blu-ray release. Kajiura-san apologises to those that will have the DVD release.
  6. This event is organized by Kajiura herself and has nothing to do with record companies and no other members (vocalists/musicians) apart from Kajiura herself will participate.

Yuki Kajiura twitter accounts:

Note: In the past twitter events, questions and comments in english were also accepted but she replied only in Japanese. Click here to see a log of the twitter event that was dedicated to “The Works for Soundtracks”.

3 responses

  1. wormbook says:

    Thank you for the news 😀
    Btw, by using the hashtag #YKL9SK, u mean we need to put it in every post to @FJukatsu?
    Sr for the silly question, I wanted to try it out but somehow I can’t find the pass for my twitter account … ;_; Still looking for it …

  2. george1234 says:

    The form of the twitter message should be like in here

    @FJukatsu or Fion0806 [your message] #YKL9SK

  3. wormbook says:

    Thank you very much!! *bow*

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