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Kalafina 4th album “Consolation” confirmed & other news

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Rumours that were circulating the past month, got confirmed at today’s Kalafina 5th Anniversary LIVE “oblivious” live: Kalafina will release their 4th album on March 20, 2013 and its title will be Consolation !!!

This time there will be 3 editions:

  • Limited Edition A (CD+DVD)
    Catalog No: SECL-1280
    Price: 3800yen (Tax incl)
    [Pre-order] from CD Japan
  • Limited Edition B (CD+BD)
    Catalog No: SECL-1282
    Price: 4000yen (Tax incl)
    [Pre-order] from CD Japan
  • Regular Edition (CD only)
    Catalog No: SECL-1284
    Price: 3000yen (Tax incl)
    [Pre-order] from CD Japan

In other news, Kalafina’s live Kalafina 5th Anniversary LIVE “oblivious” at Tokyo(Shibuya O-EAST) will be broacasted at the japanese cable TV nextwork WOWWOW on March 13.

A Kalafina box containing all 3 albums of the group (Seven Heaven, Red Moon, After Eden), titled Kalafina Special European Edition 2012 (or Kalafina – Coffret Collector) has been released in France and Germany since January 9, 2013 by TokiMedia, and costs only 30 Euros. It comes with a booklet with the lyrics in romaji and English, as well as 5 collector cards. If you live around these countries dont forget to get it 🙂

Moreover, Kaori Oda (KAORI of FictionJunction and Sound Horizon) releases her first solo album, “Place”. It also includes “Calling” which was writen by Kajiura-san in 2007. Click here to visit her album’s site and listen to the samples video.

thanks to elcazador, yuki.n, Firak and Yukito for the news!

3 responses

  1. Oktavia von Seckendorff says:


    This is going to be an expensive month.

  2. juliadomina says:

    Well, too early to announce releasing, But I AM TOO EAGER TOO WAIT
    Keep the good work girls.

  3. Sheba says:

    You can actually purchase those albums if you live in other countries such as the US. If you are not from France or Germany, purchase the French version, as it costs 3 euros less. At least, if you are going through

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