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Vote for Kalafina at Billboard JAPAN Music Awards!

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Kalafina has been nominated for The Animation Artist of the Year at the Billboard JAPAN Music Awards! You can support them by voting at the Billboard Japan website below.
Click here to submit your vote!

  • Age – enter a number
  • Gender – boy (left) or girl (right)
  • Location – you have to choose a Japanese prefecture
  • Occupation – choose a job (the last choice is “other”)
  • How did you hear about the awards – choose any one
  • E-mail address – enter it twice
  • Billboard newsletter subscription – yes (left) or no (right)
  • Click the left choice for the last line above submit button

Thanks to Yurika and chrisgarci!

In addition, we have an amazing group of fansubbers working on Kajiura/Kalafina interview videos, who are looking for Japanese translators. If you’re interested in helping enlighten the English-speaking fan world, please check out the fansubbers’ thread!

4 responses

  1. Wolf says:

    The options above the submit button are (L) Agree and (R) Disagree. (Choose the left one.)

  2. Shizu Iliya says:

    The fourth one is occupation.

  3. Kerahna says:

    Thanks guys, i somehow missed them XD

  4. Akane says:

    no idea where I live anymore

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